Why Is My Massage Gun Not Charging?[4 Possible Issues]

Why Is My Massage Gun Not Charging

The massage gun is a high-quality, expertly crafted tool with several advantages. However, any electrical product carries some degree of risk. If you decide to get a massage gun, thorough research is essential for your security and enjoyment. So be sure, you must think about why is my massage gun not charging.

You recently purchased a massager, but why is my massage gun not charging after a few uses? Unfortunately, this issue is more prevalent than you might imagine. It can be disappointing and frustrating if you haven’t used your massager for very long.

A high-quality massager is not inexpensive. Even though most warranties are only valid for a year, it is the absolute minimum amount of time you can count on your equipment to function. Most massagers should survive for years if used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Why Is My Massage Gun Not Charging?

Why Is My Massage Gun Not Charging

Like any other piece of equipment, it has the potential to malfunction. Common problems that could interfere with your therapy session include the massage machine gun not turning on, the massage gun battery not charging, the machine abruptly shutting off, and noisy or clogged motors.

Although these issues can arise with any device, they are more likely to occur with less expensive versions or lesser-known manufacturers. Additionally, getting the warranty or repairs is a hassle with these brands.

With your FBF firearms, fortunately, you won’t need to be concerned about these problems. However, how you use your massager will significantly impact how well it works. However, these issues can arise with any device.

Additionally, getting the warranty or repairs is a hassle with these brands. With your FBF firearms, fortunately, you won’t need to be concerned about these problems.


Therefore, to ensure your FBF massage guns serve you well, here are a few points you may encounter performance issues.

1. Overheated Massage Machine Gun

Massage gun not charging

You may have observed that your massager turns off when it gets too hot. This is due to the fact that these gadgets’ electric motors have a high thermal limit and, if not adequately cooled, will cease to function immediately.

The manufacturer’s handbook details the length of time between uses for a single massage gun battery. Use caution because specific muscle vibrating guns automatically shut off when they should, and there are signals that will let you know how long it will be until the unit overheats.

Avoiding overheating will ensure your enjoyment with your handy massage gun and prevent accidents or injuries from happening due to extended exposure.

Using A Too-Expensive Muscle Massager

2.Using A Too-Expensive Muscle Massager

Continuous charging is another factor that may have an impact on the massager’s performance. Try charging the gadget once it has been fully depleted to prevent any hassles. The box documentation for your specific gadget should contain information on its maximum capacity and charging time.

Additionally, some devices have independent battery power and capability; check the manual for details. The unit’s battery power and model will determine the maximum time it can be plugged in, but 30 to 60 minutes seems safe.

3. Problems Connecting Massage Guns

Problems Connecting Massage Guns

Holding down the power button for eight to ten seconds will prevent connection issues from occurring, which can occur with even the best inexpensive massage guns.

Then, if it still won’t come on, there may be a problem with either excessive pressure or poor massage gun battery life, and additional massage gun troubleshooting measures are required before moving on.

Therefore, correctly plugging in your massage gun is the first step to getting it working again. After that, you must ensure that it is charging correctly by charging it with a USB-A cord until the LED starts to flash, indicating that a full charge has been accomplished.

Problems with The Massager Charger

4.Problems with The Massager Charger

Take good care of your athletic massage guns and their accessories. If you find a broken charger, don’t hesitate to get it fixed as soon as possible. We recommend that all users read through our guide on caring for their new toy before using it.

Knowing what to do if one (or more) chargers malfunction will be helpful. At this stage, several actions are advantageous, such as removing the batteries and cleaning up any spills that may have occurred. Always put them securely and out of children’s reach; who could want to play “find my phone.”

How Can I Correct My Charging Problem?

Some of the top cheap massagers have high-quality parts and usage instructions to ensure a long lifespan. Nevertheless, unavoidable mishaps happen, which might sometimes result in charge problems.

When a product has a problem, it is upsetting for the consumer. To assist you, we have included two ideas below that, in all likelihood, will help you fix the problem and make the most of your massage gun.

Massage gun battery not charging

1.Verify Warranties

The majority of massagers come with a one-year warranty. In other words, if a product breaks and is still covered by the provisions of this agreement, you can get free repairs or replacements. For instance, a product’s Break Due To Manufacturing or Material Defects will qualify for coverage in most cases.

A few exclusions, such as user error-related mishaps or dropping anything on its side, result in damages not covered by manufacturer warranties.

There is also general wear and tear over time, which sometimes requires professional assistance for effective home treatment.

Additionally, the individual who caused the damage will not be covered by their product’s protection plan, so be careful to check whether it is permitted before performing any repairs yourself.

2.Make A Customer Service Call.

Contacting the business or brand from which you bought your athletic massager gun is the second thing that is helpful in this regard. If and when the battery in your message gun starts to die, get in touch with customer service, as most businesses only provide a one-year guarantee period.

For you to install the replacement part immediately, the company will send you the appropriate one. In the end, it’s preferable to replace an outdated item with a new one from a reputable retailer rather than accept inferior equipment from independent sellers who might not be as educated about these products.

Why Is My Massage Gun Not Turning On? Top 3 Causes

Why Is My Massage Gun Not Turning On

Your massager might not turn on for a number of various reasons. Most problems are simple to solve. You might need to contact the manufacturer if none of these work and your product is still covered by warranty.

      No Power Is Being Applied.

Although it may seem obvious, is the massager correctly turned on? Some devices need you to hold down the power button for a short period of time before the power turns on. Are there any lights on?

      Low Battery Power

Even though most massagers feature LED power indicator lights that show you this, your battery might only require a charge. Before turning on your gadget, could you give it a full charge? The LED lights will show the battery life, which will also alert you when the massage gun battery is full.

Remember that you shouldn’t use a massage pistol while it’s charging. A safety feature on some models will keep the electricity from turning on while the appliance is plugged in.

      The Device Has Become Too Hot

The Device Has Become Too Hot

Some massagers are built to shut off automatically if they become too hot. While using your massager for prolonged periods, it’s normal to get warmer naturally. Remember that in warm conditions, the temperature might rise more quickly.

You can generally find information on how long you can use an item safely before it overheats in your manufacturer’s manual. Most massagers shouldn’t be used constantly for longer than 30 to 1 hour. However, depending on the model, this may change.

You won’t be able to turn it back on immediately if it overheats and turns off on its own. The cooling process will take some time. Spend at least 30 minutes on it. Usually, you will be able to switch it back on once it has cooled off enough.

For a complete detailed overview and solution of why your massage gun is not turning on; Have a view of our article.

FAQs: Why is My Massage Gun Not Charging?

The charger plug's red light indicates that it is charging. This light will turn green when it is ultimately charged. Please turn the massager's power switch at the battery base to "OFF" while it is charging. After the massage gun battery has finished charging, take the lead out of the charging port and unplug the battery from the outlet.

If it won't start after eight to ten seconds of holding the power button, the motor is probably seized due to too much pressure and battery drain. The answer is straightforward: charge the massager until the LED flickers using a USB-A to USB-C connection.


You can examine only a few things if your massager won’t turn on. Is the electricity adequately turned on? Is the battery fully charged? Has it overheated because you’ve been using it for too long? I wish I could provide you with more information, but this covers everything you can check for yourself.