Why Does My Skin Itch After Using Massage Gun?[Complete Guide]

Why Does My Skin Itch After Using Massage Gun

Are you tired of itching yourself after using a massage gun? Hopefully, after reading “Why does my skin itch after using massage gun?” you will get the reason behind the itchiness and be able to deal with it.

Massage guns have proved to be a very effective tool to relax and leave you stress-free for some time, but the Vibration of a massage gun makes you itch your skin after a soothing massage.

This article discusses the possible reasons why your skin itches after using a massage gun, and we added some ways by which you can deal with the itching and prevent it too. So let us get to the end of the article.

Why Does My Skin Itch After Using Massage Gun?

Why Does My Skin Itch After Using Massage Gun

Massage guns are electronic devices that release dopamine and serotonin in the body. They are also beneficial in increasing blood circulation and muscle recovery. As it is a deep tissue therapy, many people prefer keeping a massage gun at home.

But here, we will discuss a significant side effect of massage guns which most people deal with but don’t know the reasons and science behind it, and then tag it as harmful, although it is just a minor thing and nothing to be worried about.

When you use a massage gun, static charges build up in the layer of the skin that starts a reaction that results in irritation and itchiness on your skin. This reaction is also known as pressure urticaria.

This itchiness is very annoying, but you can avoid using any moisturizer while using a massage gun. Another essential thing to remember is that you know what type of skin you have, which also helps prevent itchiness if you follow the measures.

Static charges build up in the layer of skin when using a massage gun and can cause itchiness in your skin.

Why Does Vibration Make My Skin Itch?

There could be many reasons you question yourself, “Why does my skin itch after using massage gun”? Here we will discuss all those reasons in detail so you can get your answer.For more, you can read the side effects of the massage gun in our article about “Are massage gun good for you?”

1-Due to Vibratory Urticaria

According to the dermatologist, skin cells release histamine chemicals when you massage using a massage gun, which causes redness and rash and makes you itch yourself a lot. This condition is also called vibratory urticaria.

Under Vibratory urticaria lies another medical condition is known as pressure urticaria which is like it. It occurs when you expose your itchy hives to pressure by walking or sitting. The sustained pressure leads to itching and irritation.

2-Due to Allergic Reaction

If you start using a massage gun without any cloth on your skin, the material of the gun itself can cause an allergic reaction to your skin, resulting in itchiness.

3-Due to an Increase in Nerve Size

If, after using a massage gun, you do not see any redness or rash on your skin but still feel itchy, then another explanation for it could be that massage increases blood circulation in your body, which then increases the size of blood vessels.

This sets nerves to fire and causes an itchy sensation. Our skin is the most sensitive organ of our body, and with vibration therapy, the skin’s temperature rises. This could also cause itchiness.

4-Due to Muscle Spasms

Vibration and deep tissue massage can sometimes cause muscle contractions and tightening, also called muscle spasms. These spasms contract the nerve vessels, resulting in an itchy sensation.

5-Due to the Release of Nitric Oxide

Mechanical Vibration and intense workouts release nitric oxide in your body naturally. This causes the effect of itchiness and irritation in your body.

Mechanical vibration, intense workout, using a massage gun without cloth on your skin or for more than 2 minutes in a single place, and exposing itchy hives to pressure can lead to or increase itchiness.

Why Do Massage Guns Make My Skin Itch?

Itchy skin after the massage is not difficult to deal with. The only pre-requisite for avoiding it is that you are aware of your skin type, and we have mentioned some points below that you can take care of to deal with your itchy skin.

1-You should try to start with the low Vibration of your massage gun, as sudden high percussion therapy can result in pressure or vibratory urticaria.

2-Afte 1st round of massage, if you deal with itchiness on your skin, then it is advised that you do not go for using a massage gun near those areas again until the itchy effect has gone.

3-Normally, after the massage, itchiness, and redness fade away after some time, but if you still think it’s taking more time than 1 day, then do not panic and wait for it to recover itself.

4-Never scratch your skin while you have a rash. Apply some ice cube or tea bag if it gets worse from time to time; this will help in the recovery process.

5-Massage gun runs more smoothly when you have any moisturizer on your skin. This measure also prevents itchiness and any allergic reaction you might have any chance.

6-If you think that moisturizer or oil is the reason for your itchy irritation, then it is recommended that you do a patch test, and in case you see any redness, do not go for moisturizer while massaging.

7-After following the above recommendations, the redness, rash, or itchiness does not go away, you should immediately consult your physician or dermatologist to provide the best remedy.

FAQs- Why Does My Skin Itch After Using Massage Gun?

Muscles and nerves are all connected through the peripheral nervous system in your body. When you get a massage, soft tissues in your scalp are manipulated and activate or trigger the nerves in your muscles, resulting in tingling and itchy sensations in the scalp.

Another reason could be increased blood flow. In areas with poor circulation and muscular congestion, you would feel an itchy effect.

Hives are allergy symptoms caused when you expose your skin to vibration massage with a massage gun. Usually, these hives fade away after some time, but if they do not, you must do something.

You can use antihistamines before massaging yourself; this will prevent any hives from occurring. Another way is to apply anti-itch creams or press the area with something cold such as an ice cube, or you can also place a tea bag.

End Words

It might relax you after knowing “Why Does My Skin Itch after using Massage gun?” These were all the possible reasons we came up with after the research, and we hope they helped you enough.

Apart from this, a massage gun is a helpful and effective product, but to avoid complications and side effects that annoy you, you must know how to use it with the required measures properly.