How To Use Wooden Massage Tools?[Complete Guide]

How To Use Wooden Massage Tools

If you want to use wooden massage tools but have no idea how to use the best, this article will help you understand how to use wooden massage tools available nowadays.

Wooden massage is a massage technique that uses wooden handheld tools, like roiling pins and vacuum-suction cups. The wood massage started in Asia and was used hundreds of years ago.

The practitioner claims that using wood massage can reduce or eliminate cellulite like vibrating massagers. They also claim that it is effective in increasing lymphatic circulation, reducing wrinkles, alleviating stress, and providing a mixed bag of other benefits.

In this article, we will briefly explain to you how to use wooden massage tools.

Wooden Massage Tools reduce cellulite and wrinkles, increase lymphatic circulation, alleviate stress, and provide other tons of benefits.

How To Use Wooden Massage Tools?

When you buy wooden massage tools, first of all, keep in mind the needs of the patient who will receive wood massage. Different foot massage tools require different types of strokes and techniques. Oils, creams, gels, and lotions all require massage techniques to be effective.

Next, you should decide first what kind of massage treatment will be performed. If you use the full-body rub, you need various wooden tools as per your needs. There could be handpieces, elbow and wrist, headpieces, brushes, and combs.

You should select every item from this massage tool as per the massage style in which you will use them. You may want to start with one item, such as brushes, and check if you enjoy it before moving on to different items.

How To Use Wooden Massage Tools

How To Use Thai Wooden Massage Tools?

How To Use Thai Wooden Massage Tools
Young woman enjoying foot massage with wood stick in Thai SPA.

You can do wood massage with various tools, and each tool’s proper use is slightly different. Its ideal use is 3-sx per week. Below you can learn how to use wooden massage tools.

Wooden Stick Roller

Before using a wooden stick, a roller applies. You will use a fair amount of massage oil to help the wood rollers glide across your skin. After applying oil, grab the cubed roller’s handles and begin rolling it in the desired direction.

The most popular movements include blood flow toward the glutes and thighs. As well as rolling away from the chest, hips, and arms.

Start rolling with low to high pressure, loosely moving the toll on the desired area for 10 minutes or until you feel blood movement or lymphatic drainage effects.

Wood Cups

include wooden roller start by applying a fair amount of massage oil before starting; You will use the oil to help the wood cup glide across your skin.

After applying oil, grab the handle of the cup and start moving blood flow toward your painful area. Massage with a mild to moderate pressure, moving toward the glutes and thigh, applying for 10 minutes.

Thai Wood Massage Stick

Here is a short guide to using the wooden Thai massage stick to give a reflexology foot massage. Please practice on yourself or a friend or family member. Pls follow the below steps,

Step.1: Begin by softly massaging the foot with oil

Step.2: Find the areas of the foot that are tight. This is where tension has built up. Then use tremendous pressure with the thumb to stretch the muscles and ligaments in these foot areas.

Step.3: Feel with the thumb to knots within the foot. These often feel like small hard balls.

Step.4: Press firmly into the knots with the thumb, then with the small part of the stick. Hold the firm pressure for five seconds, then slowly release. Repeat this several times until the knot has gone. If the knot is too harsh, leave it for another day.

Step.5: Use the larger end of the massage stick to scrape in one firm motion from the toes down to the sole. This loosens the ligaments and muscles.

Step.6: Press the small part of the stick into the reflexology points of the foot that correspond to the main organs – the brain, heart, lungs, stomach, liver, and kidney. These can be found on a reflexology foot chart.

Step.7: Finish by giving a soft and gentle foot massage with oil to relax and remove any tension in the foot.

Face Sculpting Massage

Face sculpting massage works for your large and small face muscles to lift and tighten your face. This technique combines lymph drainage with deep targeted strokes to produce an effect.

Wooden Massage on Rope

If you often have stab wounds to your shoulders, trembling hands, raised arms, low back pain, inability to sleep on your back, and tired feet, you may need this hand massage. If you massage it for a week, you will feel less pain.

Back Scratcher

What better way to get rid of that annoying itch than with our Thai Back Scratcher? The Scratcher is made of beautiful, durable Thai rosewood and features an easy-grip handle with a whimsical ‘scratching’ hand on the end is the perfect length to reach any spot on your body.

How Do You Use a Wood Massage Stick?

Foot massage is one of the most popular types of massage. At the same time, body and yoga massages are also very popular. It’s also very relaxing, healthy, and less invasive than oil massage.

One of the massage tools that masseuses use to give foot massage is a wooden stick. This inexpensive massage tool has many benefits for both the person giving the massage and the one who is receiving it. If you want to use a wood massage stick, follow the below points,

  1. Find where your body needs to massage the massage stick by the handles or frame so that the therapy knob touches the targeted area.
  2. Press the massage stick into the problem area using a comfortable amount of pressure
  3. Hold in the same position for 10 to 30 seconds, then release.
How Do You Use a Wood Massage Stick

How Do You Use a Wood Foot Massager?

How Do You Use a Wood Foot Massager

If you want to take a foot massage, it’s short while in a seated position; place your who or right foot on a foot roller massager and glide your foot back and forth over the free spinning wooden logs. Now gently apply enough pressure to relax your muscles without causing pain or discomfort.For further , you can visit our article about how to use foot massager to get the required information

FAQS: How to Use Wooden Massage Tools

Do you want to use a wood massage roller? It's straightforward: hold an acupressure wooden ball in your hand, massage firmly on your desired area, hold for some cellulite, release the pressure, and repeat the same procedure. You can roll in between your two palms by putting pressure.

A wood massage roller is mainly used for full body massage having high-quality wood. It contains a single hand entire body massager. For using a wood massage roller, lay the massage roller down on the dimpled area with the rollers touching your skin. Start massage at the affected side with the wooden roller—Move it in a large circular pattern.

Bottom Line

A wood massage technique that uses variously shaped wooden tools. Practitioners of wooden massage therapy claim that it has multiple benefits, like the reduction of cellulite. However, researchers haven’t proven this claim.

First, apply a fair amount of massage oil to the area you want to do massage; it will help a wooden roller or stick glide across your skin. Then gran the wooden tool and roll it in the desired area or direction. To start, apply gentle pressure and then push as hard as you can.

In this article, we will guide you on how to use wooden massage tools effectively hope now you can use wooden massage tools alone without any helper or guide.