How To Use Percussion Massager? [5 Steps & Benefits]

How To Use Percussion Massager

Often, you wonder how to use percussion massager to reduce the spasms in your muscles and relieve stiff joints. Here is the answer to your problem if you are eager to find it.

A percussion massager helps relax your stretched muscles, improves muscle length, and gives you a comfortable zone. How to use a percussion massager to release muscle pain and reduce your tension?  

Percussion Massagers Before and After

In this article, you will learn how to use percussion massager? Moreover, you also learn how often you should use a percussion massager, how long should you use a percussion massager, and Do percussion massagers work. So stay tuned and enjoy your read.  

Percussion massager relaxes your sore and stiff muscles by applying pressure to the specific body points and helps you in releasing unbearable body pain and all negative tension.

How To Use Percussion Massager?

How To Use Percussion Massager?

Percussion massager reduces muscle soreness, loosens stiff muscles, and releases stiff joints. It works by applying pressure to specific body points to relax your muscles and relieve pain.

They are trendy these days due to their effectiveness and ease of use. The good thing about them is that we do not have to leave the house to enjoy a relaxing massage. Percussion massagers work to recline our muscles. It makes your body complacent and tension-free.  

You can enjoy a tired less and healthy life. By using a percussion massager, your muscles fit like a young person. Percussion massagers are handy and efficient tools for knots and muscles soreness. It helps a lot to make you feel relaxed. 

Step 1: Relax Before You Massage

Firstly, relaxing our minds and muscles is crucial for treating muscle spasms or knots. Make sure you take a breath and stay calm while applying a percussion massager, and don’t take any stress. Doing this improves blood circulation.

Step 2: Start the Percussion Massager

Before applying it to the skin, please turn on the percussion massager. It helps a lot to control the pressure and massage comfortably.

Step 3: Apply the Percussion Massager

Apply a percussion massager properly on the affected area that has muscle knots or you want to massage. You can easily find the target point where a muscle knot is present. 

Furthermore, the percussion massager stretches the muscles in the affected area. By improving blood flow through the massage, muscle knots are easily removed.

Step 4: Move in Percussion Massager in Circular Motion

Kindly make sure you do not keep the percussion massager at one point. Otherwise, it can damage the muscles instead of healing them. Moreover, don’t massage a body part for more than two minutes and move the gun to the next part after this time.

Always move it in a circular motion slowly. By doing this, our blood circulation improves, and we feel relaxed by the massage.   

Step 5: Turn off the Massager 

The recommended massage time using a percussion massager is 15 minutes. Don’t massage more than this since it can harm rather than do good. Moreover, turn off the massager after the massage.

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Percussion usage should be avoided on the neck, and don’t use it for more than 2 minutes in a single location.

Are Percussion Massagers Good for You? 

Are Percussion Massagers Good for You

Yes, percussion massagers are good for you to relax sore muscles. They soothe aches and pains, reduce stress, and improve circulation. Percussion massagers work by applying pressure to specific body points to relax your muscles and relieve pain.

Young people have tough skin that can resist the high-frequency vibration of a percussion massager. But if you are not young, your skin is soft and elastic, and you cannot resist the high-frequency vibration of the percussion massager. So you can use a lower frequency vibration percussion massager.

Are Percussion Massagers Good for You

Benefits of a Percussion Massager

Benefits of a Percussion Massager

Improve Blood Circulation

A 10-minute massage regularly with a percussion massager can improve your cardiovascular health by increasing blood circulation throughout the body, lessening the workload of circulation on the heart, and keeping you strong and healthy. 

Repairing Nerves

When your nerves are damaged, they cause a severe type of pain. Damaged nerves harm muscles’ function. Percussion massagers work to generate the nerve for doing their actual sensory function.  

It can positively affect our blood vessels at the spot area of our body. Muscles surrounding the blood vessels are relaxed, and blood vessels enlarge in diameter. It allows for an increased rate of blood flow.

Better Oxygen Circulation

We know that blood performs many functions, but the essential function is to circulate oxygen around the body. When blood flows in our body better, we properly inhale oxygen suitable for our heart function and healthy life.   

Percussion massagers boost your circulation, which helps heal and keeps your muscles and tissues healthy. That’s especially important if you have health problems that add to poor circulation or nerve damage, like diabetes.

Reduce Muscles Pain

Endorphins are chemicals produced naturally by the nervous system to survive pain or stress. When endorphins are present in excess amount in your body, you feel tired, and your muscles are stressed. So, endorphins should not exceed the limit; otherwise, we will have adverse effects.

 It helps out to release muscles pain in your body. By using a percussion massager, your body increases the release of endorphins (natural pain killers) which can promote a body to relax and slow down your breathing.  

Are Percussion Massagers Effective?

Are Percussion Massagers Effective?

Percussion massagers help you feel better both physically and emotionally. It helps you sleep better, improve your blood circulation, and also helps out to relieve your tension.

Using a percussion massager makes your muscles smooth, and you are in less physical pain. You are going to feel better psychologically as well. It helps out to relax your muscles. It lets you target sore spots, soothes aches, and relieve pain. You can also do some exercise to maintain proper movement of your muscles.   

Do Percussion Massagers Work?

Do Percussion Massagers Work

Percussion massagers are handy and efficient tools for muscle soreness. They work to make you feel relaxed and are considered beneficial to ease down muscle soreness or knots.

It directly targets muscles by rapidly applying pressure to muscle tissues. With different speeds, we can use them directly on any score area, and you note immediate improvement in our range of motion and reduction in muscle tension. 

Percussion massagers help increase our blood flow to specific areas of muscles where knots are present. In doing so, your muscles tension and inflammation decrease and help out to break the knots or soreness.  

Percussion massagers are also an easy way to help loosen up your muscles ahead of a big training day or run and an even better way to get rid of muscles soreness related to leg or back pain.

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FAQs: How to use percussion massagers

You should massage the stubborn muscle knots for at least 5 to 7 minutes in one session because increasing the massage time results in your muscles being sore and you feeling pain. Furthermore, one session is enough in one day. 

To completely relax the muscles and release knots, massage the affected area in 2 to 3 sessions should be at least a 12-hour gap.

Final Remarks

Percussion massager can be effective and beneficial for your health, and now you know how to use percussion massager yourself. It helps us to make our muscles relax, and you feel much better.

Percussion massagers help improve your joint pain swelling and enhance the rehabilitation of muscles. Keep in mind, don’t press a percussion massager at one point during the massage; otherwise, your muscles break, and you feel more pain rather than relaxation.   

Before using percussion massagers, you should take precautionary measures. Most people do not read the instruction manual and face hazards.