How To Use Neck Massager? [Complete Guide]

How To Use Neck Massager

How to use neck massager? It is the first question that comes to our mind when we want to treat our neck pain with massage. But we should be careful while using a massager for our neck pain.

It is because improper use of neck massager can damage neck muscles, and you will end up having more pain than before. To get the maximum out of your massage, you should first know how to use neck massager.

How To Use Neck Massager Before and After

Therefore, you will have thorough knowledge about using neck massagers in this article. Different types of neck massagers and the way they work. So, if you want to know all about how to use your neck massager, read till the end.

How To Use Neck Massager?

How To Use Neck Massager

Since the neck is a sensitive part of our body, knowing how to use neck massager before the massage is essential. In this way, you can avoid any potential damage to your neck.

Therefore, we have listed basic and easy-to-do steps for you to massage your neck.

Step 1: Clean and Damp Your Skin

How To Use Neck Massager - Step 1: Clean and Damp Your Skin

Before applying the neck massager on your neck, you need to clean your skin. The reason is the soft skin of the neck. If any pointy particle or harmful substance is present on your neck skin, it is removed before the massage. 

Moreover, some neck massagers have gel pads to massage your neck smoothly. So, if your neck skin is damped slightly, these gel pads can easily move and adjust according to your neck and the massager. As a result, you’ll enjoy a relaxing massage.

Step 2: Place the Gel Pads 

How to use Neck Massager - Step 2: Place the Gel Pads

Direct contact with a neck massager may cause a problem for soft muscles in your neck. So, gel pads act as a medium between your neck and massager. 

Place the gel pads on the stressed points of your neck. These are the areas where you have intense tension and pain due to muscle soreness and stiffness.

It would be great to have a clean, soft neck to help the gel pads move swiftly.

Step 3: Wear the Massager and Adjust Settings

how to use neck massager - Step 3: Wear the Massager and Adjust Settings

Now, it’s time to turn on the massager. Press the ON button to switch your neck massager and adjust the settings. Start with the lightest and shortest massage and gradually proceed further to an enhanced level of massage if you are new.

In this way, your muscles can get acclimatized to the neck massager, and no muscle soreness will occur after the massage.

Step 4: Choose the Desired Mode

how to use neck massager - Step 4: Choose the Desire Mode

You can select different levels of massage by choosing from different modes present on the neck massager. There is a “mode” button to have different massages available.

Choose the massage mode that suits you. Moreover, you can increase the intensity of your massage by the “weak” and “enhance” buttons present on the massager.

Step 5: Maintain Good Posture 

how to use neck massager - Step 5: Maintain Good Posture 

One of the main reasons for neck pain is poor posture during your work or daily routine. Furthermore, poor neck posture can also make your neck massage worthless. 

So, for maximum effectiveness of your neck massage, you must maintain good posture throughout the massage.

To check more settings of your specific neck massager, don’t forget to read its user manual.

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It would be best to use the massager with the machine’s lowest intensity by maintaining an effective neck posture and progressively working your way up as you feel more comfortable.

How To Use Shiatsu Neck Massager?

How To Use Shiatsu Neck Massager

Shiatsu neck massager uses the old Japanese shiatsu massage technique to massage your neck. It has eight different nodes that help soothe the muscle soreness, stiffness and eliminate fatigue from your cervical muscles.

To get maximum effectiveness from these massagers, you need to know how to use a shiatsu neck massager. Follow these steps to use this massager properly.

Step 1: Place the Shiatsu Massager 

The shiatsu neck massager uses two knobs to target your neck muscles and relax them. So, place the massager at the right spot and choose between the required settings. 

Step 2: Select Points of Contact and Massage

The two knobs of the shiatsu massagers are easily adjustable with 2 or 4 points of contact to give you a deep massage of the neck muscles to alleviate pain and soreness of the targeted points.

Firstly, for the deep massage, use the 2 points of contact to hit those trigger points of your neck. To get the right spot of the neck, move it up and down the neck until you find it.

Step 3: Change the Settings and Massage

Now, if you want to change the settings, pull your knobs and get to the 4 points settings of the massager to cover all the necks. In this way, the shiatsu neck massager will work on all the neck muscles and relax them. 

Place the massager behind the head on your neck to get to the right spot and good massage. 

The rollers of the shiatsu massagers can sense the knots in your neck area. For this, they change the position of their rotation and work on those spots to help you alleviate the tension of your stressed cervical muscles.

Step 4: Maintain Good Posture

Good posture is necessary for a good neck massage. It would be best if you stayed relaxed for the shiatsu neck massager to sort out the sore muscles in your neck.

After the massage, turn off the massager and relax for 5 – 10 minutes so your muscles can get back to routine after the work is done.

The Shiatsu Neck Massager helps relax your sore and stiff cervical muscles by using its two knobs that are easily adjustable with 2 or 4 points of contact to give you a deep massage by maintaining an effective neck posture.

How To Use Jeeback Neck Massager?

How To Use Jeeback Neck Massager

Jeeback neck massagers use the advanced TENS pulse massage technology to relax stiff muscles in your neck. The Jeeback massager covers all your neck with great efficiency with three massage heads.

Using a Jeeback neck massager is very easy due to the simple remote control with all its functions. You can turn on the heat, change mode, and select from 15 intensities level, just from the remote. 

Moreover, you can also connect your Jeeback neck massager to the Mijia app and use its simple interface to control it. So, now let’s get into the details of how to use the Jeeback massager.

Step 1: Wear the Massager 

Wear the Jeeback massager lightly, so the electrodes touch your skin. The L-shape design of the massager makes sure it does not slip from your neck during massage and electrodes stay in contact with your neck. The centre of gravity is also moved forward.

Step 2: Turn on the Massager

Press the power button on the massager to turn it on for one second. Now you can control it through the remote control. If you want to control it through the Mijia app, hold the power button for three seconds, and go to Bluetooth mode. 

Step 3: Select the Settings

Now, select the settings according to your neck condition to massage. Press and hold the “M” button for two seconds to turn on the Heat. The plus and minus buttons control the intensity while the up and down keys select the mode.

Step 4: Keep Note of the Time and Turn off the Massager

Massage is good if it stays within the time limit. Otherwise, muscle soreness can occur. One massage session should be of 15 minutes and daily 30 minutes total. 

Moreover, the neck massager will turn off automatically after 60 seconds if it is not in contact with your skin. Please turn off the massager after the massage is completed and take it off your neck. Now, you know how to use neck massager.

How To Use an Intelligent Neck Massager?

How To Use an Intelligent Neck Massager

Intelligent neck massager uses pulse-based technology to give you instant relief from neck pain. Using an intelligent neck massager is comparatively easy due to its handy remote control and 15 intensities available.

Since the intelligent neck massager uses electrical signals to soothe the muscles in your neck, you should search and read about it before getting a massage. We have made a list of steps for a relaxing neck massage for your ease.

Follow these steps loaded with useful information to know how to use an intelligent neck massager.

Step 1: Clean and Damp Your Skin

Cleaning your skin is necessary for the proper functioning of the intelligent neck massager. Moreover, damping is required to smooth electrical signals from this massager around your neck. 

Therefore, clean your neck with a towel and dampen it before getting a massage from an intelligent neck massager.

Step 2: Wear the Intelligent Neck Massager and Turn It On

Now, wear the intelligent neck massager around your neck. The soft silicone pads will help the massager to grip your neck. Moreover, the electrodes are placed over your neck to pinpoint pressure relief and deep tissue penetration. 

Turn on the massager by pressing the Switch On button. Now, you can control it by using the remote control.

Step 3: Adjust the Settings and Massage

Different settings are available in an intelligent neck massager. There are three different massage modes and adjustable intensities through the remote control. Moreover, the heating mode can also be turned on or off from the remote control.

You should go for the minimum intensity and lowest setting at the start so your muscles can get used to the massager. Then with time, you can increase the intensity and get rid of the neck pain.

Step 4: Maintain Posture and Time

As will all other neck massagers, keep an eye on your posture while using the intelligent neck massager. Otherwise, the neck muscles can get damaged with the combination of the massager and bad posture.

Make sure you don’t overuse the neck massager. The recommended time for using the massager is 15 minutes in one session and 30 minutes in the whole day. Usage more than this can result in muscle soreness.

Step 5: Turn Off the Massager After the Massage

You may fall asleep during the neck massage. Make sure you don’t do that. After getting the message, please turn off the massager and remove it from your neck.

How to use SKG neck massager?

How to use SKG neck massager

Follow these easy steps to know how to use an SKG neck massager:

  • First, place the SKG massager around your neck to get started with the massage therapy. Please put it in such a way that its electric pads touch your skin. 
  • Press the power button long until the prompt tone and again press it to start the massager
  • Use the remote controller to control the massager, which is magnetically attached and gets closed after 15 minutes for an effective massage.
  • You can personalize your massage therapy among the three modes of the massager: automatic mode for a daily neck massage, a soothing mode for stiff and injured neck, and cervical strain vitality mode are more effective.

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FAQ: How to Use Neck Massager?

Yes, neck massagers are good if you use them wisely. Neck massage is very effective and is designed to give you short-term relief from pain and tension of muscles. 

Neck massagers manipulate your body tissues through deep massage, either with or without heat. Ultimately, your body will relax, but your mind will also be peaceful and calm. 


To conclude, neck pain and tight muscles are inevitable problems of modern living. Massages are much more effective than spending money on expensive doctors. You will feel both mental and physical relaxation when using a neck massager. 

But before getting a compelling message, you should know how to use neck massager. In this way, you can avoid any injury or muscle damage by excessive or improper use of a neck massager.

If you have any severe injury or other severe health-related histories, always consult your doctor and professional before using a neck massager.