How to Use Massage Pillow ? [5 Easy Steps]

How to Use Massage Pillow

Want to know how to use massage pillow? Then don’t worry; you are on the right page.

If you’ve ever used a massage pillow, you no doubt recall how relaxing it felt. It increases circulation helping to reduce pressure and relax muscles from aches and pains. Many people love being massaged, whether by a professional or by using a massaging pillow.

A massage pillow is a padded device with an internal vibrating or rolling element. Keeping a massage pillow at home can be pretty beneficial. A massaging pillow can come in handy at the end of a long day when the expense of a professional massage or the effort of having to get one seems too daunting.

This article will give you a clear idea of how to use massage pillow? Stay tuned and enjoy the knowledge. So, without further delay, let’s explore!

A massage pillow with its internal vibrating or rolling element relieves muscles from aches and pain and reduces pressure if used correctly.

How to Use Massage Pillow?

How to Use Massage Pillow

You’re probably wondering how to use massage pillow? Here’s a rundown about how to use the astonishing thing.

1. Start Massage Pillow

Flip the switch on the hand control up or down.

2. Select Massage Methods

Toggle the switch to up or down to select forward or reverse massage.

3. Adjust speed

Turn the speed control knob on the hand controller to increase the speed in the clockwise direction and slow down in the counterclockwise direction.

4. Infrared Option

Infrared moxibustion is used when turning the massage forward, and without infrared moxibustion when turning the massage in reverse.

5. Cut Off the Power Supply

Turn the switch to the center position (stop gear), and the machine stops working, and then pull the plug out of the power socket.

When using a massage pillow, the best time is 15 minutes. The weak switch must be used first when working with  electronic massager equipped with solid and weak switches. After the body slowly adapts, you can use the robust switch.

After the massage is over, a glass of boiled water is better. To prevent children from accidentally starting the massage machine and causing accidents or affecting the machine, the power cord should be unplugged from the power socket when the massage machine is not in use.

Benefits of Massage Pillow

Benefits of Massage Pillow

After finding out how to use massage pillow? Let’s look into the benefits it provides. A massage pillow is an effective way to maintain circulation in soft tissue. They prevent your muscles from tensing back up and may help keep inflammation at bay.

In addition to the muscle relief that massage pillows offer, there are multiple other benefits that many individuals report after using them. These benefits include a reduction in headaches, improved sleep, improved range of motion, decreased inflammation, alleviation of pregnancy discomfort, and improved mood.

Massage pillows may help those who struggle with anxiety and depression, and they can improve immunity. The Journal of Alternative Complementary Medicine published a study stating that massage helps boost patients’ white blood cell count, helping the body fend off disease and illness. It has also been shown that massage can help increase energy levels.

How to Use Shiatsu Massage Pillow?

How to Use Shiatsu Massage Pillow

Got the idea about how to use massage pillow? Now let’s see how to use a shiatsu massage pillow. The body and mind are inextricably linked. This means when we have poor posture and hold tension in our muscles, it can affect how we feel emotionally.

When we feel low, we tend to become more tense and lethargic physically. Bodywork such as massage recognizes this and uses supportive touch to encourage healing. Shiatsu takes this theory further, working on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Modalities that include awareness of the body’s vital energy offer a way of understanding how our experience is stored in the body. In traditional Chinese medicine, these things are considered expressions of our qi. Our qi flows throughout the body using pathways called meridians.

The Meridians

The meridians are a system of ‘rivers’ used by our qi to flow freely throughout the body. In Eastern medicine, it is believed that illness can occur when these channels become blocked or disrupted.

Unblocking the Meridian Lines

By freeing up these blockages and allowing the energy to flow freely, the body is in a better position to heal itself. Unblocking the meridian lines is the basis for most traditional Chinese medicine. Shiatsu uses touch and gentle pressure to stimulate meridian points on the body to encourage energy flow.

Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

On a physical level, shiatsu massage increases circulation, helps to release toxins/tension, and encourages the hormonal system to function correctly. Shiatsu practitioners will be able to tell where areas of pent-up/blocked energy are.

Meridians in the Body

Working with the meridian points, they will apply pressure to the areas in question to re-balance the body and promote healing. TCM practitioners say there are 12 critical meridians in the body, all of which link to a physical organ or function within the body.

Yin and Yang

Six of them represent ‘yin’ and six represent ‘yang .’Originally, yang meant ‘the sunny side of the valley,’ and yin meant ‘the shady side of the valley .’The concept of yin and yang revolves around balance, depicting how the world works.

Yang represents characteristics such as heat, excitement, and light. Yin represents passiveness, cold and quiet reflection. Keeping yin and yang balanced is essential in traditional Chinese medicine, and shiatsu looks to accomplish this.

After learning how to use massage pillow? We’ve also learned how to use Shiatsu Massage Pillow? Now it’s time to find out how to use a neck massage pillow.

How to Use Neck Massage Pillow?

How to Use Neck Massage Pillow

You can use a neck pillow while traveling, sleeping, or even resting in a chair. The pillow supports and realigns the neck and upper spinal area into a proper posture curve to help relieve chronic and temporary neck pain.

For further, You can also read our article about how to use neck massager to help you out in relieving chronic and temporary neck pain.

1. Consider firmness

Based on the recommendations of a physician(chiropractor), you will need to evaluate the firmness of the pillow you will be using. A softer pillow, for example, is suitable for temporary neck pain due to an injury or the sudden onset of pain from a long-standing condition.

Firm pillows are recommended for chronic neck pain sufferers. Pillows can be filled with everything from memory foam to buckwheat hulls and should be chosen for the individual comfort they provide.

2. Choose the proper thickness

Your neck usually needs the most support while you sleep. To find a pillow with the proper thickness, keep in mind the following recommendations: While lying on your side, your neck and head should remain horizontally level with your mid to lower back.

While lying on your back, your neck and head should remain level with your upper back and spine. Your head and neck should not be propped up or tilted away from your body.

3. Place your pillow properly for sleeping

Various neck pillows are available, but the basic premise is the same for all. The primary outward curve of the pillow should rest at the neck. If you use a “sleeping” pillow, you will note how your head naturally falls into the indentation in the pillow, which acts as a headrest.

4. Place your pillow properly for traveling

Travel neck pillows resemble a U-shaped tube filled with foam or other stuffing. This U-shape provides additional support for your head and neck. Many also come with gel packs that offer a cooling sensation, lessening the effects of migraines and headaches.

Place the opening of the pillow around your neck, nestling it into the base of your head. The U-shape should fit under your ears and above your shoulders, supporting your head and allowing the proper neck curvature.

How to Use a Pregnancy Massage Pillow?

How to Use a Pregnancy Massage Pillow

I hope you got the idea about how to use massage pillow? Now let’s gather information about how to use a pregnancy massage pillow.

1. Choosing a Shape

1. Selecting a Wedge-Shaped Pillow

Use wedge-shaped pillows to prop your head or Back while sitting or reclining or to support your back or belly while lying on your side. You can use wedge-shaped pillows to prop a hot water bottle against your back. Wedge-shaped pillows are convenient because they are small and easily portable.

2. Try a U-shaped Pillow

Use a U-shaped pillow to support your whole body from your head and neck to your back, belly, knees, and ankles. This pillow is excellent for women who are used to sleeping on their Backs. It is also convenient for women who toss and turn at night since you do not need to readjust the pillow.

3. Opt for a C-Shaped Pillow

C-shaped pillows are smaller than the U-shaped ones, so they are great if you have a mid-sized bed. These pillows support your head, neck, Back, and pelvic area.

They are great for relieving pelvic tension and reducing water retention in your legs and ankles. The only drawback is that you will need to adjust the pillow throughout the night as you switch sides.

4. Select a J-Shaped Pillow

The J-shaped pillow is similar to the U-shaped pillow, only smaller and without the extra side. So if you have a mid-sized bed, look into this pillow. This pillow is excellent for head, neck, and back support.

5. Try a Full-Length Pillow

Also known as I-shaped pillows, these pillows are straight and run along the length of your body. They look like regular pillows, only longer. You can wrap your arms and legs around them. However, they do not provide much back support.

2. Positioning the Pillow

1. Placing Under the Belly

Wedge the Pillow Under your Belly. While lying on your side, place a U-shaped, full-length, or wedge-shaped pillow underneath your belly. This will help support your belly, as well as your back muscles while you sleep.

2. Placing Between legs and arms

Wrap your legs and arms around a U-shaped or full-length pillow. The center of the pillow should support your belly. This position is akin to hugging or cuddling the pillow.

Placing the pillow between your legs and arms will help relieve tension in your knee and ankle joints.

3. Wrapping it around the back

Wrap a C, U, or J-shaped pillow along your back and between your legs. This position will give your lower and upper back, as well as your pelvis, support while you sleep.

4. Supporting Head and Neck

Place a wedge-shaped pillow underneath your regular pillow to support your head and neck. This position will help relieve symptoms such as acid reflux and heartburn. If you use a C, U, or J-shaped pillow, keep your spine aligned by placing your head and neck on the pillow as if you are using a regular pillow.

3. Selecting a High-Quality Pillow

1. Choose a Pillow with Hollow Fiber Filling or Polystyrene Foam

Both of these fillings are hypoallergenic and water- and smell-resistant. These filings are also washer-friendly, and they keep their form. Just remember, whatever pillow you choose, make sure it can support your weight and will not lose its shape throughout your pregnancy.

2. Try a Lightweight Pillow

Pregnancy pillows filled with Styrofoam balls are very lightweight. Additionally, the balls allow the pillow to conform to your body easily. One drawback is the noise the filling makes as you move around. The noise is similar to the one a beanbag makes when you lay on it.

3. Go for a Supportive Pillow

Pillows made with microbead filling are more supportive than the ones with Styrofoam ball filling. They are also very lightweight and make little noise as you move around.

4. Try a Body-conforming Pillow

Pillows with memory foam conform to your body and hold their shape well. However, memory foam is not very breathable. Consequently, these pillows can become very hot as you sleep throughout the night. If you’re worried about becoming too warm at night, try a pillow with shredded memory foam.

5. Take Note of the Size

If you are taller than the average woman, look for a pillow that is 8 to 11 feet (250 to 350 cm) long. If you are of average height, get a 5 to 6 feet (160 to 170 cm) long pillow. The size of the pillow you want will also depend on the size of your bed and your personal preference.

6. Try a Firm Pillow

Although it may be tempting to get a soft pillow, it is recommended that you get a pillow that is at least slightly firm. A firmer pillow will provide more support and keep its shape longer. It may be uncomfortable at first, but you may get used to it over time.

FAQs – How to Use Massage Pillow?

Massage therapy helps reduce pain in the body. Massage cushions may be a beneficial way for a person to relieve pain in the back, shoulders, and neck.

While deep tissue massages can stimulate old wounds, their side effects shouldn't last long. You should consult a doctor if you experience pain or side effects beyond a few days. It's best to avoid any vigorous movements or overextension of the neck.

Bottom Line

So now you’ve learned how to use massage pillow? A massage pillow helps the neck muscles to relax; it is a perfect choice. It is best for reducing tension in the neck and shoulder muscles, and you’ll feel completely relaxed.

However, do not miss out on the other good training and recovery principles like a healthy diet, proper technique, and enough rest.