How to Use Massage Gun?[4 Easy Steps]

How to Use Massage Gun

Want to improve your health using a massage gun? Let’s examine How to Use Massage Gun? Firstly, let us highlight the benefits of employing a message gun. By using a massage gun, you can assist the body in discharging lactic acid and other toxins.

A massage gun can deliver deep vibrations in your muscles using a percussive treatment approach, which improves circulation in your body and enables more oxygen and nutrients into your muscles.

And To extract the best from it, one should know how it works. So here, we’ll give you a clear idea of how to use massage gun? Stay tuned and enjoy the knowledge.

How to Use Massage Gun.Benefits

How to Use Massage Gun?

How to Use Massage Gun

Because of their effectiveness in reducing pain from tight muscles(knots) and making us feel calm, massage guns have become a vital part of our life. The best part is that they are portable and may be used everywhere there is discomfort.

Without further delay, let’s dig into the topic of How to use massage gun? Using a massage gun correctly is easy once you get started. All you need to do is follow these steps:

1. Find The Right Spot For Treatment

Make sure you’re at the correct place before you start treating yourself! This phase is critical because you not only want to treat the proper region of your body, but you also don’t want to injure yourself.

So, before you get anywhere near your back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, and so on, take some time to figure out where you want to use the device. Begin from the bottom of your feet and work your way up to your head.

Make sure you have enough space to move around your entire body without touching anything too sensitive. Also, take caution where you place the massager. It should not come into contact with any skin wrinkles or creases. If touched against these regions frequently, they might irritate.

2. Apply Pressure With Firmness

Once you’ve found the appropriate area, push hard into the skin’s surface. Unless necessary, avoid pushing directly into the bone.

Because bone contains more nerve endings than soft tissues, exerting forceful pressure may create an unpleasant sensation. Instead, concentrate on the skin’s outer layer.

Pressing softly into the fleshy areas of the arm or leg may offer the same comfort as pressing more profound into the bones. However, remember that there will always be a disparity between how hard one person presses and how poorly another person presses.

That being stated, try to stay consistent with your application of force. Too little pressure won’t give you the intended outcomes, while too much pressure could harm your muscles.

3. Move-In Circles Or Rotate Your Hand

Rotate your hand gently clockwise or counterclockwise once you’ve applied enough pressure—this aids in loosening tight joints and muscles. Moving in circles helps you to target multiple parts of your body at the same time.

It also keeps you from mistakenly stroking the same part of your body twice. When rotating your hand, attempt to cover all portions of your body uniformly.

Remember that even if your hands move circularly, they should stay still. Otherwise, you risk injuring yourself by pushing away from your body rather than toward it.

4. Repeat Steps 1-3 Until Complete Relief Is Obtained

Repeat steps 1 through 3 several times throughout treatment. Stop and relax if you’ve gone too far throughout your workout. Then proceed when you’re ready.

After you’ve finished your series of treatments, continue the process until you attain your most significant degree of comfort.

How Long Should you Use the Massage Gun? 

Now that you know how to use massage gun, let’s talk about how long you should use it. Although the massage gun has a higher impact on relaxing muscles, when using this device, you need also consider the issue of time usage.

How Long Should you Use the Massage Gun

This is also very important, so how long will the massage gun be used? Is it more appropriate? Many individuals may not grasp the situation and are unsure how long it should last. Let us evaluate it for you in the hopes that everyone will comprehend it fully.

It is typically advised that you use it for 15 minutes at a time and not too long. Some individuals have erroneous notions and believe that the longer they use it, the better the effect of the massage gun.

However, this is not the case; it does not need to be used for an extended period; as long as the usage duration is limited to approximately 15-20 minutes, you can already relax your muscles well.

When using it, avoid leaving it in the same place for an extended period. In the same place, the use time is around 5-10 minutes.

Some people may spend too much time in one place. It is simple to irritate a large number of people. It is often advisable to hold a position for a few seconds before progressively pushing to get a better relaxing effect.

After the introduction, everyone will be able to understand this problem. When using this product, you should not only control the time of use but also control the strength. When you first use it, you can choose to use less intensity. After you get used to it, the choice is slightly stronger.

How Often to Use a Massage Gun

How Often to Use a Massage Gun

You can safely use a massage gun every day if you use proper techniques and don’t exceed the advised usage duration provided by the company (most massage guns come with instructions that state how long to use the device in a given session).

A massage gun on a single muscle or muscle group for a longer duration may cause discomfort or pain. You may not gain the benefits if you use a massage gun insufficiently. If you’re not sure you’re using your massage gun for the right amount of time, refer back to your device instructions.

Where Should You Not Use A Massage Gun?

Where Should You Not Use A Massage Gun?

Avoid bony places such as the ankles, collarbones, hands, and tops of the feet, as well as visible blood vessels on the skin’s surface, sensitive nerves, and ribs/organs. Keep the massage gun focused on your major muscle groups. In simpler words, you should avoid any spot where there isn’t a lot of muscle (such as your collarbone).

Massage-gunning should be avoided near injuries or historically sensitive body regions, such as a twisted knee or sprained ankle. Aside from the fact that it would most likely hurt a lot, it would help if you did not use a massage gun on a healing injury. It can alleviate soreness via percussive vibrations, but tissues trying to recover do not respond well to repeated pummeling.

So, if you have a damaged ligament or a shoulder that gives you problems regularly, avoid using the massage gun on them. It’s also a good idea to read the manual for your gadget and visit a physiotherapist(chiropactor) if you have any concerns. We have successfully learned how to use massage gun and the related topic; now, let’s see further for more knowledge.

Do not use the massage gun on bruises, bony areas, and fewer muscle prominence places(like wrist and ankle areas).

When to Use a Massage Gun

When to Use a Massage Gun

It is best to use a massage gun as soon after your workout as possible to aid recovery. This might be before you leave the gym or as soon as you come home.

It should apply for two to three minutes to muscles that have been worked on and that you expect may be painful in the coming days—this aids in removing lactic acid from the muscles, allowing you to recover more quickly.

You can also treat other muscles using the massage gun, not just the ones you worked on that day. They will only need about 30 seconds of treatment in most cases.

One of the best things about massage guns is that you don’t need to apply much pressure to get results. The machine’s pounding power does the heavy lifting for you. It is also more efficient than a typical massage.

You may use the massage gun for more than just recovering after exercises. Many individuals use them to relieve stress and tension in the same way that a regular massage would.

Again, using the machine for a few minutes on muscles may significantly impact how you feel. It is also beneficial to take it immediately before going to bed because it may help you feel relaxed and tranquil.

Massage guns can reduce post-workout muscle soreness and fatigue or help you prepare the specific body parts for the workout.

How to Use Massage Gun on Legs?

Mentioned below are reliable tips to help you use your massage gun on your legs to relieve pain:

For Your Lower Leg

Calf and shin muscles are expected (and often overlooked) stress areas in the lower leg.

How to Use Massage Gun on Legs
  • Select the attachment head most comfortable for you and the power setting. You can experiment with various choices.
  • Next, cross one of your legs over the other.
  • Then, moving the massage gun slowly back and forth over the Achilles tendon and calf in the direction of the muscle fibres, that is, along your leg, from your knee to your feet, would be beneficial.
  • Do the same for your shin muscles and shin bone.

For Your Upper Leg

Please use a variety of methods on your upper leg. This should be determined by whether you want to treat painful or weary legs or engage your muscles before exercises as a kind of treatment.


  • First and foremost, be sure that you are standing on your feet.
  • Next, glide your massage gun up and down the muscle fibres on the top of your leg, near your waist.
  • Do the same procedure on the bottom, on top of the knee.
  • After that, slide the massage gun up and down the muscle fibres.
  • Make sure this lasts around 10 seconds for each step, for 30 seconds. With legs, you want to target the quads and the calves.
  • We recommend the flat head here because, with legs, you may need something a little more intense – especially the quads. Stay in an area for about 30 seconds before moving along.

How To Use Massage Gun On Calves?

You may massage your calves after a leg exercise or after you run. Move the massage gun around the calves, feeling for sensitive points each time. Hold a position for 10 seconds before moving on.

Massage one leg for 1-2 minutes before moving on to the other. For optimum results, use the flathead. Check out our piece on the Best Massage Gun for Runners for ideas on how to use massage gun on your calves to relieve Achilles tendon discomfort.

FAQs – How to Use Massage Gun?

Proceed with caution if you're trying to get rid of lower back pain using a massage gun. Use a lesser setting and rub away slowly. We recommend the ball head here as well.

Run the massage gun back and forth along the muscle fibres in your upper back. Please do it for 10 seconds per section of your back. Again we'll mention that a gun with better ergonomics will do a good job. Use the spherical attachment head if you're doing it yourself. If you have a helper, they may use the flathead to get the best possible results.

Final Remarks

So now you’ve learned how to use massage gun. These trendy gadgets have created an uproar in the fitness sector and do not appear to be going away anytime soon. It’s essential to learn how to use them properly.

However, do not neglect other good training and recovery principles like healthy eating, proper technique, and enough sleep.