How To Use Massage Chair? [3 Easy Steps To Follow]

How To Use Massage Chair

Many people wonder how to use massage chair to relax their stretched and tight muscles. Well! Here’s the answer to your problem if you’re eager to discover it.  

Massage chairs work to relax your stiff muscles and give you a comfort zone. Knowing how to use a massage chair to release our unbearable back pain and our whole day’s tension helps greatly. 

We work in an office and sit the whole day at the chair and carry a great tension in the back or neck area of the body and feel unbearable back pain. Massage chairs help to release pain and all negative tension.

How To Use Massage Chair ?Before and After

In this article, you will know how to use massage chair? Moreover, you will also learn how to use a massage chair, operate a massage chair, and turn on a massage chair. So stay tuned and enjoy your read. 

The massage chair relaxes your sore and stiff muscles and helps you release unbearable back pain and negative tension.

How To Use Massage Chair? 

how to use massage chair

Massage chairs work to recline our muscles. They are very popular due to their effectiveness and ease of use. The good thing about them is that we don’t have to leave the house to enjoy a relaxing massage.

So, here we will tell you how to use massage chair to improve your sore spots, loosen tight muscles, and relieve pain. But if you can follow some steps correctly and go with the flow, you will have a good and healthy life.

Step 1: Adjust the Massage Chair According to Your Body 

Adjusting the massage chair to your body is an essential factor. Massager chairs are designed to adjust for weight, height, and width automatically. The height of protrusion of the rollers and nodes adjust by measuring the pressure on the seatback.

Massage chair makes the necessary adjustments for your height and width by locating a specific area on the anatomy of the back. You can also select various input on the control pad can refine these options.

Step 2: Adjust Massage Chair Motor

These are a very important aspect of massage chairs. It works to adjust the nodes and rollers to the necessary areas and adjust the seatback. The massage chair has many patterns and programs to massage the whole back.

However, you can specify the massage chair with the tapping motion on the top of the spine down through the lower back. You may also like to check our article about can massage chairs hurt your back.

Step 3: Position Massage Chair Nodes and Rollers

They are of different sizes, shapes, and designs to eliminate fingers and hands. You can occupy a more generalized massage approach with large rollers and nodes of a massage chair. 

While massage chairs with small nodes and rollers provide more detail, point-specific massaging, they target the specific areas of your back and move in various ways. You can adjust the nodes and roller to best fit your need on the massage chair.  

Large rollers and nodes of a massage chair provide a more generalized massage, and a massage chair with small node and rollers offer more detail and point-specific massaging.

Benefits Of Using Massage Chair

Benefits Of Using Massage Chair

Massage chair makes your body complacent and tense-free, and you can enjoy a tireless and healthy life. Massage chairs work to relax and de-contract our muscles, improve skin elasticity, help to reduce anxiety and support our digestive system.

A massage chair has been widely used for many years for those patients struggling with unbearable body pain. The benefit of an electric massage chair is to relieve soreness and help the muscles relax. 

Benefits Of Using Massage Chair

How to use Osaki massage chair?

How to use Osaki massage chair

12 different auto programs

This massage offers you 12 different auto programs for you to choose anyone. Different levels of massage treatment will make it easy to choose the right one.

5 unique massage levels.

You will be able to choose between 5 different massage levels, including speed, strength, and intensity, depending o your massage needs. This chair gives you a perfect massage every time.

6 massage styles

This chair consists of a top-notch air massaging system that allows choosing any massage style. It helps a lot to make your body relax.

Bluetooth connected speakers

While getting a massage, you like to listen to your favorite music. It is the chair for you. The Bluetooth-ready speaker is set for your listening pleasure.

LED chromatography lighting

This chair consists of LED chromatography lighting, which helps relax your mind helping you to give a deeper state of relaxation.

Space-saving design

The massage chair is designed in such a way you can fit in smaller spaces. It is perfect for those people who live in small homes or apartments.

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FAQS. How to use massage chair?

Once your chair is plugged in, and the power button on the rear lower panel is in the on position, you can begin using your massage chair. You can press the power button on the lower section of your remote.

Auto programs

You can choose any program on the remote out of six auto programs. The program shown on the remote is Extension, Working Relief, Sport Refresh, Rest and Sleep, Neck and Shoulder, Waist, and Spine.  

These programs give you thoroughly an automated message addressing your specific needs. You can adjust the massage time on the remote according to your desire.

Manual Massage

Press the manual button on the remote after pressing the power button. You select one of the six roller massages each time Shiatsu, Rubbing, Tapping, Knocking, Kneading, Sync( tapping and knocking) when you press the button. 

You can press the Roller button to activate the foot rollers when you want to enjoy a foot massage. You can also change the speed with this button. You can activate the Lumbar Heat select the button on the remote.


Using a music-compatible Bluetooth device, relax to your music selection. When you can pair with a chair, your Bluetooth device allows your music through a stereo system built into Ridge volume, which is controlled by the music device. You can select your music by using a music device.   

Final Remarks

A massage chair is very comfortable and used easily at home, and now you know how to use a massage chair. It helps improve your joint pain swelling and enhances the rehabilitation of muscles.  

It works to improve your circulation, improve overall blood flow and increase the flow of oxygen to the tissues, which helps you to reduce muscles tension and improve recovery.

There are many types and designs of massage chairs to perform different functions. All are very effective and easy to use without any partner.