How To Use a Back Massager? [Complete Guide]

how to use back massager

Using a back massager for stiff muscles and a sore back is a reliable option if you know How to Use a Back Massager. We’re exactly going to tell you this because back massagers can cause problems too if you don’t use them properly.

Nowadays, back massagers are available in various sizes, shapes, and prices. Ranging from low prices to being quite costly, these back massagers are undoubtedly being used on a large scale. But to avoid any problem, you should know how to use back massagers.

Therefore, we have provided all the information necessary to get familiar with the back massager in this article. Not only back massagers, but you can also get information related to some other varieties such as handheld massagers, shiatsu massagers, neck massagers, etc.

In the end, we have also answered the questions which could probably pop up in your mind while going through the content. So, stay tuned and enjoy your read.

How To Use a Back Massager Before and After

How To Use a Back Massager?

How To Use a Back Massager?

Using a back massager can be one of the easiest things if you do it properly. To make good use of something, it is said, get to know about it the best.

Therefore, we have made an easy step-by-step guide for you to enjoy your back massage and get rid of back pain. So, let’s dig into the details.

Step 1: Warm-Up

Beginner or not, warm up your body before applying the back massager. Simply rub your body and press your muscles slowly. By doing this, you activate your muscles and help the massager target painful spots immediately.

Step 2: Good Posture

A good massage is directly related to good posture. If you sit according to the recommended method and apply the massager directly to body parts that require treatment, you’ve done the major part of the massage.

Therefore, read the manual carefully to know about the accurate body position for back massage. Usually, your back should be straight to distribute the stress on the spine evenly.

Step 3: Massager Settings

Since many back massagers offer adjustable settings, you can set the intensity, heat, speed, and frequency of the massager according to the body necessities, with which you feel contented.

According to experts, the best practice is to start from the lowest and increment slowly to achieve the optimum setting to massage your back.

Step 4: Don’t Overuse

Normally, it is considered that the more you use a massager, the more comfort you get, but it is not practically true since excessive massage can hurt your muscles. So, use it for the recommended period.

Step 5: Relax After the Massage

Session completed. Well done! Now before getting up, rest for a few minutes so your muscles can rest and absorb the work done by the back massager.

Please start with a warm-up and the machine’s lowest intensity settings by sitting according to the recommended posture, which will help you release your muscle’s pain and all negative tension.

How To Use a Handheld Back Massager?

How To Use a Handheld Back Massager

Experts generally recommend handheld back massagers for an immediate and genuine result. It is because massage chairs are unbelievably comfy, but they do take some time to relax our muscles and provide effective soothing for the tensed muscles. 

According to the research, if used properly, they are safe and efficient, providing fast relief to stress-carrying regions of the body. i.e., neck, shoulder, and lower back, etc.

If you want to use a back massager for only certain muscles, targeting those muscles might be more efficient. Working on the musculoskeletal system, these portable massagers use vibrations to increase the blood flow in a particular area.

Using a handheld massager is not that complex as it might seem. Just become acquainted with the given instructions, and that’s all.

  • Sit the massager on the body part, which requires massage.
  • There is no need to press or rub the massager on the muscles since the vibration affects the muscles by applying deep pressure.
  • Vibrations penetrate the body when the vibrating head of the massager makes good contact with the body.
  • Duration for handheld massagers is much shorter as compared to others. Don’t use a handheld massager for more than 15 minutes in one session.
  • Ensure that the massager sits flat on the body surface, which is to be massaged. Because by doing this, your body has the best contact with the machine.
  • Please don’t keep the massager on one spot as it can damage the muscles. Instead, keep it moving in small circles slowly.
  • Let your body rest after the massage.

How To Use Homedics Back Massager?

How To Use Homedics Back Massager

Trending in the market, Homedics massagers are just another name of comfort while working. Using these massagers can improve your sleep cycles and reduce body stress, updating you to a better lifestyle. 

Doctors usually recommend Homedics massagers to people who sit all day for work and generally get a sore back.

If you are one of them and are planning to get this massager, here are some of the important steps you need to know for how to use Homedics back massager. 

Step 1 – Place the Homedics Massager on a Seat and Plug it in

First of all, place the Homedics Back massager on a chair or any seat on which you want to get a massage. It can be in your office or home, depending upon where you want it.

Then you need to plug it in a switch to power it up since it doesn’t come with batteries. 

Step 2 – Sit on the Massager and Turn it On

Sit on the massager and use the remote control to turn it on by pressing the Power Button. The rollers in the Homedics Back Massager will light up, indicating the power flow.

Step 3 – Select the Settings and Get Massaged

As you know, many options are available for massage in Homedics Back Massager. Depending upon the variant, the Homedics back massager can also give you a shiatsu massage.

Different settings are available in Homedics back massager, and you can choose what you want. The roller width on your back is also adjustable. You can choose between available types of massage, with heat or without heat.

Expert recommended using the lowest intensity massage settings first and slowly incrementing your way up as your body gets used to the massage. 

Step 4 – Turn Off the Massager After Massage and Relax

After you get a massage from the Homedics back massager, turn it off using the remote control and unplug it from the switch. 

Make sure you relax after getting a massage to rest your muscles and absorb the work done by the massager.

How Long Should You Use a Back Massager?

How Long Should You Use a Back Massager

Recommended time for beginners is usually short sessions of a maximum of 10-12 minutes. At most, it can be of 15 minutes but should never exceed this since it can practically damage your muscles instead of treating them.

If you are a regular user, a session of 30 minutes is enough, or in some cases, it can be prolonged to 45 minutes but do not overdo it, no matter what the situation is. Using the massager for more than recommended time will further worsen the current stiffness.

A common concept of the more, the better is a complete misconception. There is a limit to how much you can use the back massager for beginners or regular users.

A beginner should never exceed 15 minutes, and a regular user should not overstep the 45 minutes massaging threshold; otherwise, a back massager can do more harm than good.

How To Use a Back Massager for Pleasure?

How To Use a Back Massager for Pleasure

How to use a back massager for pleasure, interesting question? Isn’t it? Something we use as an alternative to a therapist and sleep, could it be an alternative for pleasure as well? Yes, No, maybe. Don’t worry. We have the answer.

Get home, sit on the massage chair, relieve your muscles, and catch a nice warm back rub. Using a back massage chair is more like relaxation therapy than a massage session.

You feel all the warmth, control the intensity, frequency, and vibrations yourself. It sure causes a pleasure sensation in our body. But for this, get to know about how to use a back massager for maximum pleasure, and here we go for it:

  • Warm up your body by slightly rubbing the muscles before getting a massage.
  • Target the massager, specifically at the neck and lower back, to get more comfortable.
  • Ensure that your breathing technique is good enough to keep your muscles oxygenated throughout the session.
  • Your sitting position should be accurate.
  • Do not apply the massager instantly again at the same spot.
  • And the most important thing, do not overuse. Stay within the recommended time limit.

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How Often Can You Use a Shiatsu Back Massager?

How Often Can You Use a Shiatsu Back Massager

Even if you have been using a shiatsu massager for quite a time now, don’t follow the trend of the more, the merrier. As for a shiatsu massager, a typical massage session lasts 15 – 30 minutes. 

Moreover, 3 – 4 sessions a week are the best if you have pain in the neck, shoulder, or back. If you use a shiatsu back massager for stress relief and relaxation, 1 – 3 sessions a week are enough.

Following the healing mechanism of the shiatsu technique, a shiatsu back massager takes approximately 30 minutes to show its effectiveness. If you are a beginner, try not to jump to longer sessions.

The reason is you just have started to use a back massager, and your body is not used to it yet. Using it for longer periods in the start can result in adverse effects. Therefore, the recommended session for a new user is 10-15 minutes approximately.

But if you are a regular user and not just a starter, you have an advantage. YES! You can use the chair for a longer time. To explain, it can be a session of 30 minutes or 35 minutes but should not be longer than this. You may also like check our article about how often should you use a massage chair.

FAQs: How to Use a Back Massager?

No, it’s not bad to use a back massager if you use it properly. Additionally, if you are free of any chronic disease or circulatory problems, using a back massager to get rid of your back pain or to reduce your anxiety is not a bad idea. Use the back massager without any worries.

Nevertheless, if you are a patient, get a consultation by your doctor and recommended by an expert therapist. If you have had any problems, be careful while using the massager. Also, don’t overuse the back massager.

You should use a back massager 3 to 4 times a week if you are using it for neck, shoulder, or back pain but do not exceed it. 

Using a back massager for stress relief and relaxation 1 – 3 times a week is enough.

Adhere to recommended time for using a back massager. Many people don’t follow the instruction of a recommended period and, as a result, get bruised muscles and increased pain issues. 

Final Say

By now, you know all about how to use a back massager. Read the manual carefully and go through the settings. Once your body becomes acquainted with the massagers, welcome to the parallel universe of this hectic life.

Basic precautions, instructions, and duration are similar, whether you are using a back massager, shiatsu massager, homedics, or handheld massager. So, choose and use wisely. In the end, the choice is all yours.