How To Set Up a Massage Table?[Complete Guide]

How To Set Up a Massage Table

Have difficulty in setting up a massage table? Do not worry; this guide will help you figure out how to set up a massage table and how to double the effect of massage with the invention of a massage table that you can set yourself up.

The massage table is a critical product that all physicians(chiropractors) use to make their chiropractic techniques more valuable. Now, individuals buy them to keep them at home and get a good massage from anyone without leaving the house.

After you have bought the massage table, you will want to know its basics. This article covers all those basic instructions for you and how to set towels with it or make your massage table more comfortable. So, let’s get to know all of it.

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How To Set Up a Massage Table?

How To Set Up a Massage Table

Set up of a massage table is done in a series of steps that are very easy to follow. Place the closed table on a smooth surface and to open the table up, release the levers on the side of the table. Underside, it is a face rest cushion that you must remove. After that, grab the side handles and flip the massage table up.

The last step is to set up the Headrest. For this, release the lever, insert the adjustable Headrest, and lock it when in the right place. Place the cushion, and your basic setup is completed.

It requires 3-4 coverings for the dressing of the table. Right above the table, you put a thick mat; then you cover it with a heated pad or a blanket, mainly for the back. Then comes your top sheet, white-coloured, which you wrap around the table using a rope.

Many therapists recommend using lambswool covering for the face rest, with a cotton sheet above it. Lambswool is extra padded; therefore, the person feels relaxed with their face resting on it.

This is how to set up a massage table in the easiest ways. For this, you must buy all those sheets at once when you go to the market, and it will take less than an hour to start using them after setting.

How To Set Up a Portable Massage Table?

Portable Massage tables are used mainly by therapists(chiropractors) these days as they can be carried anywhere during travelling and then set up again. Here is a step-by-step guide by which you can set up your massage table on your own.

1-Release Clips

The table covering has clips on it; you must release all of those and take out all the accessories inside it, i.e., the Headrest and the adjustment of it.

2-Place Table on Leveled Surface

Grasp the handles on the side of the table and flip it straight, so it is on its 4 stands. After that, push the table’s middle so that all the stands are leveled on the surface.

3-Adjusting Height

If you want to adjust the height according to your own will, unscrew all the knobs off the legs of the table and extend the legs. Slide the legs up and down and reinsert the knobs once done with the required height.

4-Adjusting Headrest

Release the levers of the Headrest, unfold the arms and insert them into the openings on one side of the table. Adjust the Headrest according to your desired position and lock the levers. At last, place the cushion onto the Velcro strips.

5-Do  not Exceed the Weight

You must not load the table with more than 250 kg of weight; otherwise, there is the chance of tilting or collapsing the table, which can injure the person receiving the massage.

How To Set Up a Portable Massage Table

Massage Table Instructions

The guide and manual provided by the company from where you buy the massage table are just for the safety and assembling of the product, and it does not ensure how it will perform. For the performance, you must know some expert tips.

Following are some massage table instructions that you should keep in mind.

1-Before using, inspect all the areas of a massage table and ensure there is no cracked wood or loose hardware.

2-Not more than one person should be allowed to lay down on the massage table.

3-Pressure on tabletop must be avoided.

4-If there is any dust on it, remove it with soap and warm water.

5-When the massage table is not in use, place it in a dry and cool area avoiding direct sunlight.

6-If you want to change the height of the table, rotate the leg extension up to the desired height until the button pops out from the hole.

How To Set Up a Massage Table with Towels?

The dressing of a massage table matters a lot because that makes the massage more relaxing and comfortable. If you are giving a massage to your client or want it for yourself, go for the most comfortable covering for the table.

After you set up the table’s hardware, dressing is the next step. The dressing depends on the massage technique and level of comfort you want to provide to your customers or yourself. Towel set up on massage table is one of the dressings.

How To Set Up a Massage Table with Towels

Most therapists have their way of placing towels. 3-to 4 towels are placed on the table covering all the table area. How you place it depends on you, but there are some things to remember while buying towels.



3-Elasticity of Material

The colour of the towels must be cool and warm. The fabric recommended by most experts is softer cotton. And by the material’s elasticity, the towel should be easy to wash without any resistance.

How To Set Up an Earthlite Massage Table?

How To Set Up an Earthlite Massage Table

Earth lite is more of a professional use massage table. This table weighs 38lbs only and is very easy to carry and assemble. Earth Lite massage table also features non-slip table feet and a full-length piano hinge for strength. It has got the best support cables.

The setup of Earth Lite is the same as one of the portable massage tables; apart from that, it has some other accessories you can add to your massage table according to your needs.

FAQs- How to Set Up a Massage Table?

It would be best if you took a towel and lay it flat. Fold it in half two times from one side. After that, at a horizontal angle, fold it two times. Now it is up to you whether you want it flat or in a cylinder shape.

For your convenience, we have given a link to a YouTube video where you can learn how to fold a towel for a massage table.

The massage table is made comfortable with the dressing on it. Choosing suitable sheets, warm blankets, and extra padding on the table will make your massage table more comfortable and double the soothing effect.

According to expert therapists, the recommended height of your massage table should be that it falls approximately at your hip joint. Massage tables have adjustable heights from 22-38 inches.

But the adjustable height varies from table to table; therefore, you must measure the height before making the purchase.


We hope that now you have a clear view of “How to set up a massage table?” That was all you would need to start as a therapist or randomly keep a massage table at home and serve your friends and family.

There is so much more about how you can dress your massage table to make it look more professional and cozier, the things discussed here are just the basic, and there are many other possibilities according to your creative thinking.