How to reset massage chair?

How to reset massage chair

Not knowing How to reset massage chair while having some problems with them can be a real headache. You know that there are different types of personalization that you can do with a massage chair. For example, the intensity of rollers at your foot or neck, heating level, specific massage points, music settings, and many more.

Sometimes, you do personalization and get bored of it and want to return to the default state of the massage chair and you are not able to do it. But don’t worry. We’re here to tell you exactly how do you reset a massage chair. 

Aside from this personalization problem, you may also need to reset massage chair due to some error in the settings or the chair not functioning properly. This can be caused by software malfunction and the best way to remove it is to reset massage chair.

If there is no problem with the hardware of the chair, fixing it through reset can be a possible solution. Moreover, it’ll save you a chair technician that is heavy for your pocket.

Let’s give you a slight peak about what you’re going to get in this article. You’ll read about how to reset massage chair along with resetting of different specific massage chairs. Also, we’ll tell you about issues for which resetting a massage chair is effective and issues for which resetting isn’t effective. The latter issues may be due to hardware error so we will also provide you the information related to troubleshooting hardware problems in a massage chair. Then there will be some common questions with answers regarding a massage chair. So, let’s get to the point and know how to reset a massage chair.

How to reset massage chair?

Resetting a massage chair is one of the easiest jobs in the world. It is just like resetting your mobile phone. All you have to do is to press one or two buttons depending on the type of your massage chair and you’re done with resetting. We’re going to guide you about how to reset massage chair by two easy-to-do methods.

Method 1- With Power and Kneading Button

To reset a massage chair, follow these steps.

  • Turn of the massage chair using the remote control and make sure it has no external loads and the seat is empty.
  • On your massage chair remote control, simultaneously press the “Power” button and “Kneading” buttons.
  • Keep these buttons pressed for 8-10 seconds. 
  • You’ll see an error sign on the corner of your remote-control screen.
  • After that, there will be a slight vibration in the massage chair to show that it has been reset successfully.

Method 2- With Reset Button

Some massage chairs have remote controls which have a dedicated Reset button. In such type of remote control, you can just press it once or keep it pressed for 8-10 seconds to reset the chair.

You can also use the user manual provided with the massage chair to see how to reset the massage chair. All the information you need about resetting is available there.

How to Reset Massage Chair Program?

How to Reset Massage Chair Program

Massage chairs have built-in programs for different kinds of massages you’ll like. They can have notations like A, B, C, and so on or numbers like 1, 2, 3… for different modes of the programs. These programs have different levels of intensities for a massage at different points of your body. These are for your ease, so you don’t have to select manually where you want a focused massage, or you don’t have to manually input the massage intensity as they are already entered in the programs.

If you have changed the program and want to reset it, you can do it by following these steps.

  • Plugin the massage chair into the power socket.
  • Turn on the chair by using its remote-control device.
  • Now, press the power button to start the program you want to reset.
  • Press the power button again to reset the program to its default condition.

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Issues for which a Reset is Effective

A reset can solve only specific issues which are caused by some error in the software of the massage chair. For issues other than that, there may be a fault in the hardware. Try to detect it yourself, otherwise, you’ll have to contact a technician.

Timer Not Working

Often the timer of the massage chair stops working during a massage and doesn’t turn off the massage program. It may happen due to some abnormality in massage chair functioning and causes a very serious problem. Even though the internal functioning of the massage chair isn’t affected by the timer not working, but still, you may want it for keeping track of the time. 

Resetting the massage chair may help you big time and you may be able to get the auto-timer turned on. 

Increase in Chair’s Temperature

The temperature of the massage chair is controlled by sensors. Sometimes the sensors may not detect the data accurately and increase the temperature more than required. It makes your massage time uncomfortable and of no use.

This problem can also be solved by utilizing the reset option of the massage chair. The data of the sensors will return to their default state, and you’ll get your desired temperature.

Noise from Massage Chair

The massage chair has many moving components and machinery that work in coherence to provide you a comforting experience. These components work together simultaneously through an already installed program. But sometimes, one of the components gets out of the coherence and causes noise from the massage chair.

This issue can be resolved by resetting the massage chair. By doing so, every component will return to its default settings and synchronization will be achieved. Hence, there will be no noise to disturb you.

Massage Features not Working

The massage features like roller speeds or intensity or position of the rollers may get disturbed after some time of use due to faulty settings. For example, there can be a problem with the speed of the rollers under your foot, or massage rollers are not going as deep as they should. There can also be a problem with the tilting of the chair.

If you find issues in massage chair features, then you should try resetting the chair. It’ll get the features to default state.

Sudden Stopping of Chair

If you have experienced sudden stopping of the chair multiple times, you should reset the massage chair. This reset works eight out of ten times and gives you a chair without any problem. The stopping of the chair may occur due to some personalized setting or due to program memory shortage in the storage device of the massage chair.

Issues for which Reset isn’t Effective

A reset is effective for some of the issues in a massage chair. But there can occur more errors for which a reset isn’t effective, and you’ll need help from a technician or online resources if you want to repair it yourself. 

These issues occur most probably due to hardware problems or poor maintenance of the chair. If you have a massage chair, you very well know that it isn’t like the other furniture in your home and it requires special maintenance from you. If you take care of it properly, the massage chair may work for a long time. Otherwise, a certain problem can arise in the massage chair, and you’ll have to get it checked up.

The hardware parts that can be replaced and repaired are as follows.

  • Remote
  • Cord
  • Heating System
  • Electric Motor

A lot of issues can arise due to damage to any of these components and you can diagnose the problem step by step. Some situations for which checking these components might be helpful are listed below.

Massage Chair Remote Not Working

massage chair remote not working

If you feel that the remote of your massage chair is not working properly, you may have to check the cable of the remote. Most of the time, the cable is not properly inserted either in the chair or in the remote itself if the cable is detachable. If the remote starts working after checking the cable, the problem is gone. Otherwise, you may have to get a new remote for your massage chair.

 Some remote controls come with LED sensors to convey your instructions to the massage chair and the chair responds with a light on successful transmission of instruction from the remote.

If you have such kind of remote, then try replacing the LED sensor on the remote. It works much of the time because the connection of LED is lost with the hardware of the remote and it is not able to work.

After all these procedures, if you see that the remote is working while the chair is not responding properly, then there is an issue in the massage chair, not in the remote control.

Problems in Switch ON/OFF Massage Chair

The power cord is an integral component of a massage chair and sometimes there can be an issue in its proper installing or it gets burned due to heavy load. Problems in the power cord can be a reason for the massage chair not switching ON or OFF.

You can check if the power cord is working or not by connecting with any other device like iron, washing machine, or any other appliance at your home.

If the power cord is broken or burnt, you will need to replace it altogether for the safety and proper working of the massage chair.

Increase in Heating or No Heating

Heating elements are present in a massage chair to give you the desired temperature for your massage. If the temperature isn’t rising or is increased above your required temperature, then there can be a problem with the heating element of your chair.

You can check the heating of the massage chair by taking a massage and see if the chair gets heated up as you want it to. If there is a problem with that, you’ll have to get a massage chair technician to get the heating fixed.

Massage Feature not Working Properly

Many of the massage features are connected to the electric motor in the massage chair. If the motor gets a problem, your chair might not be able to give the message you require.

You can check the working of the motor by checking its sound. If the sounds from the motor are different than usual, you must get it checked by a massage chair expert as it can be an indication of an upcoming problem.

Similarly, if the sounds of the chair are also different than usual, you must turn it off immediately and reset the massage chair. Otherwise, the problem can arise, and other components may get damaged.

To completely estimate the problem occurring in a massage chair, you must go step by step to check each component and diagnose where the fault is. Try to understand it yourself otherwise call a massage chair expert to solve the problem for you. 

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FAQs: How to Reset Massage Chair?

Human Touch massage chair reset can be done using its remote control. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll get a human touch massage chair reset to its factory settings.

  • Turn off the massage chair and empty it.
  • Press the “Power” button and “Kneading” button simultaneously for 8-10 seconds.
  • You’ll see an error sign on your remote screen indicating the reset process.
  • After that, your human touch massage chair will vibrate a little. This will complete the reset.

There are certain problems in a massage chair that can be fixed by using a reset. Such as if the timer of the massage chair is not working, or there is abnormal noise coming from the massage chair, or if the heating in the massage chair is not working properly, or if the chair suddenly stops. Consider doing a massage chair reset and see if helps.

You can reset the massage chair by using its remote control. For this, first, empty the chair and make sure there are no loads applied on it. Then simultaneously press the “Power” button and “Kneading” button for 8-10 seconds. You’ll see an error sign on your remote and the chair will slightly vibrate. This will indicate that the chair has been reset.

If the reset doesn’t work, you may need to check the hardware. Only some parts of the hardware of a massage chair can be repaired. These are:

  • Remote
  • Cord
  • Heating System
  • Electric Motor

Check this hardware one by one. First, remove them and then install them if you can because sometimes there can be an issue in the installation or plugging. If the power cord is burnt or the remote isn’t working, you may need to replace them. Also, if the electric motor is making noise, then you must get it checked immediately as it indicates a present or upcoming problem.

If the Real Relax Massage chair remote is not working, you should check its connections whether it is properly plugged in or not. Try to reset the chair if you can. Sometimes, all your massage chair needs is a reset to work properly. 

Also, consider a proper reboot if your massage chair remote is not working. For this:

  • Empty the chair. Make sure no load is applied to it.
  • Unplug it so that it is turned off and has no power.
  • Keep it unplugged for 3 minutes. 
  • Plug it again to power up and see if your problem is cleared.


Sometimes a reset is all you need for your massage chair to work properly. It can eliminate many problems that are temporary but seem so big that you feel burdened about them. Don’t you worry as now you know how to reset massage chair. 

Other than that, there may be a hardware issue in your massage chair that can’t be solved by just a reset, and you will have to check the hardware manually. We have provided a quick guide related to how to troubleshoot massage chair hardware problems.

If you want to get more quick guides and useful information about your massage chair and more massage tools, visit our site and enjoy a sea of valuable data directly related to you.