How To Choose a Massage Chair? [Complete Guide for Everyone]

How To Choose a Massage Chair

Investing in a massage chair can be an excellent investment for your health and comfort, but how to choose a massage chair? Specifically, how can you tell which massage chair is the best for you?

Massage provides a wide range of health benefits, from pain relief to relaxing the body and improving blood circulation. With time and incredible improvement in technology, new and easy ways have been developed, and massage chairs replace benches or beds for massages.

How To Choose a Massage Chair ? Before and after

Choosing a massage chair is easy if you know critical features related to massage chairs and the type of massage you are looking for. With an optimum combination of these two, you can choose the best massage chair for yourself.

In this article, you’re going to know about the key features you should look for in a massage chair and how to choose a massage chair. Moreover, we’ll also tell you what is the best massage chair in the world according to user experience. So, stay tuned.

Please have a bunch of considerations consisting of your budget, chair size, and feature requirement, which will help you choose the best chair for yourself.

How To Choose a Massage Chair?

A lot of considerations are there when you choose a massage chair. What do you want the massage chair to do for you? What’s your budget? Massage chair size? Where to place it? What features do you want in it? 

We’ve collected the key things required to choose a massage chair. Their details are also provided so you can choose better.

Choosing A Massage Chair

Choosing A Massage Chair

A high-quality massage chair is an important investment. There are 12 key points to look at when choosing a massage chair.

1. Massage Chair Features

Low-cost massage chairs offer simple vibration and rolling massage, while high-cost chairs offer a wide range of features. Some features of the massage chair are as below.

  • Menu of pre-programmed functions
  • 2D (basic), 3D (adjustable) & 4D (variable) roller intensity
  • Heat therapy
  • Rolling
  • Kneading
  • Sound therapy
  • Space-saving design
  • Zero gravity & inversion therapy
  • Vibration

And yes, as the features increase, the cost also increases. But prioritizing your health is worth the investment.

2. Price

The price of a massage chair depends on your budget. At which price and with which features do you want a massage chair? A premium massage chair with standard functions can cost $1500 to $12000. Lots of factors determine the cost.

The most important thing is that a massage chair is more economical than a visit to a masseuse. Regular use of massage chairs can also result in long-term health benefits, incomparable with the price.

3. Massage Areas

Massage chairs also target massage areas besides your back by offering various massage styles. Full-body massage chairs offer a leg and foot massage and arm and hand massage.

These options are delivered by airbags, massage heads, or rollers. Some latest massage chairs can also feature a thumb-like massage.

4. Massage Rollers

When you buy a massage chair, you should consider the range of rollers. Three roller tracks are available in massage chairs:


A roller track extends from the neck to the lower lumbar region and conforms to the spine “S” shape. S-track allows for spinal stretching and twisting flexibility.


A roller track extends from the neck to the gluteus muscles and conforms to the spine’s natural “S” shape.


A roller track that combines the range of L-track with the stretching capability of S-track. J-track is also called Flex track.

5. Massage Chair Size

Most massage chairs are designed as per standard size, but if you are searching for a specific massage chair, be sure to target your search accordingly. Some brands make chairs that can comfortably sit larger frames, while some make massage chairs for shorter sizes. 

Another very important thing is the physical space to fit the massage chair. Most online retailers mention specifications you can select as per your requirement.

6. Massage Airbags

Massage airbags release tension by pumping pressurized air into small bags located in different areas of the massage chair. These airbags compress your muscles which stimulate blood flow and provide relief. 

If you are confused airbags function is right for you or roller function, choose a massage chair with both functions. Chair with joint function allows you to option to choose which you like.

How To Choose a Massage Chair? Massage chair features

7. Recline Function

Most high-end massage chairs feature a variety of recline options, the most famous is zero gravity. Zero gravity recline mimics weightlessness. It places your body in a gravity-neutral position which takes the pressure off your spine, lowers your heart rate & reduces tension.

The latest massage chairs have a recline option with a single touch feature which gives you full control with the press of a button. It is observed that adding a degree of recline boosts relaxation.

8. Heated Massage

Nowadays, advanced massage chairs come with the option of heated massage seats. Via infrared heat, massage becomes more effective by relaxing your muscles and improving blood circulation. 

Heat therapy is concentrated in a seat or the lower back, but some massage chairs come with full-body heat starting from head to feet.

9. Massage Intensity

The most important thing in a massage chair is the strength of massage, which depends on the number of motors a massage chair has. As many motors massage chairs have, it indicates greater power. 

You can choose a massage chair based on its roller system abilities below.

2D Massage

2D is the old technology, meaning rollers work on X and Y axes. They can move right or left, up or down.

3D massage

In 3D massage, you can control the intensity of rollers, and it works on X, Y, and Z axes.

4D massage

In 4D massage, they enhanced the roller intensity from the 3D range, allowing deeper reach.

10. Massage Programs

There are so many massage options in massage chairs nowadays. They came with time massage, which provides massage for a specific period. Some have features of body scanning technology that test the reactions of various areas of the body and customize a massage accordingly.

Automatic massage chairs have, the less repetitive your massage experience will be. This option ensures no two massages are the same. 

11. Massage Chair Material

Mostly leather is used in massage chair furnishing, but high-end advanced chairs are synthetic. Because of the heat it generates, a massage chair needs to hold up under daily, long-term use. Synthetic fabrics are made to bear the heat, wear, and tear.

12. Easy To Use

Massage chairs should be easy to operate. Nowadays, massage chairs come with easy operation control via a touch screen or one-touch remote. The most advanced of them also have a voice operating system. You speak, and the massage chair follows your instructions.

No need to worry if you follow the upper guidelines, which help you know how to choose a massage chair

How Do I Choose a Zero Gravity Massage Chair? 

How Do I Choose a Zero Gravity Massage Chair 

If you choose a zero-gravity massage chair, you should consider mentioning these steps in mind.

  • Think of what you’ll mainly be using for it
  • Look for the right type of massage rollers
  • Invest in the right type of massage track
  • Check if it includes your favorite massage styles
  • Consider additional massage and pain relief features
  • Consider other features that could enhance your experience
  • Find a zero-gravity recliner in a style that works in your room

What is the Best Massage Chair in the World?

What is the Best Massage Chair in the World

Each massage chair offers its unique features and settings, and it isn’t easy to compare if you haven’t used it before. As per research, the world’s best massage chair is the “Zero Gravity 4D Deep Tissue Massage Chair.” 

Zero Gravity 4D Deep Tissue Chair ticks all the boxes. Press a single button to enjoy zero gravity, in which 50 airbags work on your whole body. It has eight massage rollers and six auto modes, and you can customize massage by setting the roller’s speed and power.

It has heat therapy which you can control using the remote control. It has arm clips to support and treat your arms, and you can easily move them because of the handy built-in wheels. It also has blue tooth features and a touch screen option.

Other than this, we’ve also researched the best massage chairs regarding different issues, such as sciatica and a low budget of under $500.

FAQS: How to Choose a Massage Chair?

The basic thing about choosing a massage chair is to pick one that suits your way of life, and the actual treatment requested to take advantage of it or choose the massage chair that a doctor advises.

Do you want to buy a massage chair? And confused about how to choose a massage chair? For this, you have to focus on some aspects like (features, price, massage area, massage roller, massage airbags, size, heated massage, recline function, ease of operation.

Final Remarks

When choosing the best massage chair for you, bear in mind both your budget and your requirements. Size and quality should go together.

That’s all you need to know about how to choose a massage chair. Hope after reading this article, you are relaxed and answer your questions. We at Massage Tool Guide wish you the best of luck with your purchase.