How Often Should You Use a Massage Chair?

How Often Should You Use a Massage Chair

Having a massage chair is a bliss that everyone doesn’t enjoy. But you must sometimes wonder How often should you use a massage chair? to get the most out of it.

As natural as this question is, its answer may be slightly confusing since the common notion is the more you use it, the more beneficial it will be. But that is not the case. Massage chairs are only best used if you enjoy shorter massages with less frequency.

We will explain How often should you use a massage chair in detail here in this article, so you get a clear understanding and efficiently enjoy your relaxing massage chair. Along with this, you’ll also get to know about some Dos and Don’ts related to a massage chair.

In the end, we’ll answer some of your common queries like how long should you use a back massager, can you overuse a massage chair, what happens if you use a massage chair too long, and other questions regarding massage chairs. So, stick together and enjoy this informative read.

How Often Should You Use a Massage Chair?

How Often Should You Use a Massage Chair

Let’s first discuss the elephant in the room. The frequency of using a massage chair varies for the type of massage you are getting. It’ll be different if you want to get a massage for specific parts of your body and target the stress present there and different if you want to get a massage just for relaxation and stress relief.

The ideal frequency for using a massage chair for neck, shoulder, or lower back pain is three to four times a week. One to three times a week is the best you can get from a massage chair for stress relief and relaxation. However, you can enjoy shorter massages whenever you feel like stress is affecting your mood or behavior.

Though, you must contact your doctor to get better guidance if you want to get rid of specific muscle pain, back pain, or other pain that concerns you while using a massage chair. A doctor will suggest exactly according to your situation.

And if you have just gone through an operation, injury, or are pregnant, or are a chronic disease patient, then you must take care of contacting your doctor for using a massage chair more than any other case.

As you may know, a massage chair can be a very effective solution to get rid of your day-to-day stress caused by hectic work. But if you don’t use it wisely, it can turn out to be a bad experience instead of a comforting one. Using it many times a week or sitting on your massage chair for hours isn’t more effective. Instead, you can find out the best duration and know how often should you use a massage chair. You may also like to check our list of best massage gun for lower back pain for quick relief.

How Long Should You Use a Back Massager?

It can be surprising for you but sitting for long periods on a massage chair is not the way to use it. Rather, a massage chair is most helpful when used for a shorter period, like 15 minutes. You can choose to get a whole-body massage in 15 minutes or target specific painful areas of your body for 8 to 10 minutes but remember not to exceed this limit.

To explain this limit, it is for the safety of your soft tissues that can get damaged by deep pressurized massage. Moreover, if you are getting started to have a massage, your main priority should be to use it for shorter periods and increment the time slowly. Because the powerful and quick rollers of luxury massage chairs can damage your tissues.

For this purpose, massage chairs offer an automatic timer to turn off the chair automatically when the massage is completed. By using this feature, you can easily enjoy your massage without the tension of looking at the time, again and again, to turn off the chair.

Moreover, falling into sleep while taking a massage after a tiring day is not a difficult thing. Therefore, an automatic timer should be turned on and used while taking a massage regularly.

To completely understand How long should you use a back massager, you should look for the hit and trial method because the duration of using a back massager can vary from person to person according to body type, physique, and health condition.

The duration can vary from 2 to 15 minutes according to your condition, but keep in mind that 15 minutes is more than enough for a relaxing massage. More than this time can cause injuries and make the pain worse for you. You may also like to check our list of best back massager for chair.

Can You Overuse a Massage Chair?

Can You Overuse a Massage Chair

If you use a massage chair regularly and don’t know exactly how often should you use a massage chair, it can be difficult to guess the optimum time for using a massage chair. By optimum time, we mean the time you will get maximum advantage from your massage chair without any loss to your health in the long term. 

The answer to the question “Can you use a massage chair too much?” is “YES”. Using a massage chair without any control and need can certainly be damaging for your health. Because the muscles in your body get used to the massage and get damaged from prolonged use of the massage chair. 

Additionally, the soft tissues present in your body are affected by the too much use of high-power rollers of your massage chairs.

So, the beauty lies in moderation. Using a massage chair two to three times a week and each session of ten to fifteen minutes is the key to getting the maximum out of your massage chair. Doing this not only benefits your body but the lifespan of the chair will also be increased. Now you know and easily guide anyone who asks, Can you overuse a massage chair. You can also check our article about how to reset massage chair.

Pro Tip to Understand How Often Should You Use a Massage Chair

Pro Tip to Understand How Often Should You Use a Massage Chair

To completely absorb the idea of how often should you use a massage chair, you can relate it with doing the workout. Yes, you read it right. Taking a massage is just like doing a workout. You cannot lift 100 kg on just Day 1 of your workout, and running 5 km on your first day is not a good idea.

Similarly, getting a massage chair and sitting on it for hours at the start will not benefit you. Rather it can damage your muscles. Just like we said earlier, starting with smaller periods and slowly incrementing can help you a lot.

Other than this, you cannot sit on your massage chair for hours since it’ll also drain your energy rather boost it. It is not like if you sit more on your massage chair, your muscles will get more relaxed, and you’ll get more energized.

Therefore, you should use a massage chair three to four times a week with 15 minutes sessions. It works better at night before going to sleep or whenever you feel stressed. Follow it and see how it does magic for you. You may also like to check our article how to use massage gun on neck.

How Often Can You Use a Shiatsu Back Massager?

The Shiatsu back massager is similar to a massage chair, but it is specifically used for a back massage instead of a whole-body massage like in a massage chair. It is used to imitate the deep tissue massage that you will get at a spa. These back massagers are used to release muscle pain and treat knots by using rotating nodes.

You can use Shiatsu back massager three to four times a week for treating your pain in the back muscles. Doing this will help you relax and stimulate the blood flow to areas that lack oxygen and other nutrients.

But just like the massage chair, you should know how often to use a shiatsu massager and the side effects of using it too much because excessive use of Shiatsu back massager can retighten your muscles and make them hard, which will cause pain.

Moreover, the muscles can get damaged, and tissues can be bruised by overuse of massager, which we don’t want. Don’t use a back massager for pain caused by injury or any other reason, and you must consult an expert. You may also like to check how to use massage gun yourself.

FAQ: How Often Should You Use a Massage Chair?

No. Sitting on a massage chair for a longer period can damage your muscles and cause injuries. Moreover, the soft tissues can get bruised by longer usage of massage chairs.

Additionally, the ideal time for sitting on a massage chair is 10 to 15 minutes—more time than this can be harmful to your body.

But we know that falling asleep on a massage chair is too easy. Therefore, good massage chairs have an auto timer that will automatically turn off the chair, and you can stay there relaxed and satisfied.

Just like going to a spa daily is not good, using a massage chair daily is also not recommended. When you take a massage daily, the muscles that protect your bones become loose and then high-pressure rollers can injure your bones too. 

That’s why you can take massage three to four times a week or every second day to release toxins in your body along with muscle protection.


By now, you have complete all-around information on how often should you use a massage chair. Keep in mind that this information is for average-sized persons using a massage chair, and it can vary according to your body size and type.

Moreover, you should consult a doctor if you are going through any medical condition or recently have faced an injury because a doctor can guide you according to your specific situation.

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