Does Vibrating Massager Help Cellulite? [Complete Guide]

Does Vibrating Massager Help Cellulite

Are you tired of cellulite on your body and want to get rid of it using a massager? But Does Vibrating Massager Help Cellulite? Don’t worry. You’re going to find out its answer in this article.

We know that cellulite is a common problem, especially in women, and we often consider getting rid of it using different methods, including vibrating massager. But can cellulite be massaged away? The one-word answer is YES.

However, some details are stringed to this yes. A vibrating massager alone can’t help you eliminate cellulite. You’ll need to do some workouts along with this. More about it later in the article.

Proceeding further, you need to know more about the main thing, what is Cellulite, its causes, and how to massage cellulite away. In this way, you’ll get a lot more sense of what we say about does vibrating massager help cellulite. 

So, stay tuned and enjoy your read.

A vibrating massager, along with a proper workout, would be more helpful in removing cellulite away.

What is Cellulite?

what is cellulite

Cellulite is a skin condition, mostly found in women (men also can have it), due to which flesh becomes dimpled and bulgy. The most common locations for cellulite are the buttocks, thighs, hips, and abdomen.

No need to worry. Cellulite is harmless, and even the healthiest can have it. The skin appearance becomes dimpled, and it doesn’t remain tight. It happens due to the fat cells. 

But just because it is harmless doesn’t mean that we leave it on its own. Cellulite removal methods are available, and luckily massage gun is one of them.

Causes of Cellulite

Causes of Cellulite

To state it clearly, there is no well-defined and particular cause for cellulite in your body. But we can take close guesses on what causes cellulite.

The most prevalent one is female. If you are a female, there is a bright chance that you’ll have cellulite. According to a study, 90% of women and 10% of men have cellulite. The reason for its huge abundance in women can be understood by looking at the fat distribution in their bodies.

Moreover, cellulite happens when fat cells build up and push the skin. They take down the tissues that bind the skin to the muscles during this. That’s why you see dimpled and bulgy skin, which is uneven.

Factors Affecting Cellulite

Since everyone has fat cells, some are more prone to having them than others. But some factors that affect cellulite can be recognized.


As said earlier, women are more prone to cellulite than men. One of the main reasons is the connective tissues in men and women. 

To explain, men have connective tissues in a crisscross pattern which has a stronger capability of holding down fat cells. On the other hand, connective tissues in women are in a vertical pattern, making it easy for the fat cells to bulge out.


Hormones also explain the likelihood of women for cellulite. Estrogen seems to be more responsible for cellulite presence, especially during puberty and pregnancy.

No Exercise

Factors Affecting Cellulite

Our activity affects the muscles and fat balance in our body. No exercise means more fat cells, which get distributed in our body, and the accumulation of fat cells causes cellulite. That’s why exercise is an effective solution to removing cellulite from our bodies.


A high-fat diet is also responsible for cellulite development in the body. Also, it is more likely to happen if you take a high-salt and high-preservative diet. Similarly, drinking alcohol in excess quantity also promotes cellulite.


The age factor is an obvious one since, with time, our connective tissues naturally weaken, and skins become less elastic resulting in cellulite.

Does Vibrating Massager Help Cellulite?

Does Vibrating Massager Help Cellulite?

Let’s get to the point now. Using a vibrating massager to remove cellulite can be helpful if you combine it with the workout. As earlier said, a massage gun alone can’t help you remove cellulite. 

A vibrating massager, or a massage gun, can only be used to eliminate the broken fat cells out of your body. But the main task is to break the fat cells, which only your body can do through the workout.

Can a Massage Gun Help with Cellulite? – How It Works

Can a Massage Gun Help with Cellulite

A massage gun can help with cellulite by performing vital functions along with a workout that’ll pace up your journey of removing cellulite. Naturally, our body carries out these tasks slowly, but with the efficient duo of workout and massage gun, cellulite removal becomes easy.

Increased Blood Flow

One of the main functions of a massage gun is increased blood flow in the area where the massage gun is applied. As a result, the muscle strength is increased, and the metabolism is improved, which helps remove fat.

Moreover, it also burns calories staying in your body and causing fat buildup. 

Help in Removal of Broken Fat Cells

A massage gun aids your body in the removal of broken fat cells after a workout. Due to this, your body focuses on breaking down the accumulated fat cells. In this way, cellulite is removed in very little time, and you get tight, smooth, cellulite-free skin that looks beautiful.

Warming Up of Muscles

By using a massage gun before the workout, your muscles are warmed up and made more elastic. Due to this, the energy that was previously warming up the muscles will now be used to break fat cells.

Hence, more fat cells are broken in equal time due to the addition of a massage gun, and you can get rid of cellulite efficiently. So, the answer to can a massage gun help with cellulite is a definite yes.

A massage gun with a workout can help you with cellulite by blood circulation through the vibration of cell molecules that break up the fat cells to reduce weight.

How to Massage Cellulite Yourself?

How to Massage Cellulite Yourself

By now, you’re fully aware of how to massage cellulite away. But the good thing about it is you don’t have to go to a spa to get a massage to remove cellulite. Rather, you can easily massage yourself using a handheld massage gun and apply it to the area where cellulite appears.

By massaging the cellulite, you’ll increase the blood flow there and aid your body in removing the fat cells. 

Mostly, cellulite is present on the thighs and buttock area. So, this is how to massage cellulite yourself by following these simple steps.

For Massaging Cellulite Yourself on Thighs Using a Massage Gun

  • Sit down on a chair and use a massage gun on your thighs.
  • First, go from top to lower part of the thighs and then backward. 
  • Keep the massage gun moving in a small circular motion. Make sure you do not keep the massage gun in one place.
  • Spend up to 4 – 6 minutes on one thigh and then move to the next and repeat the steps.
  • Keep in mind that a workout is necessary along with the massage to remove the cellulite.

For Massaging Cellulite Yourself on Buttocks Using a Massage Gun

  • This massage is done in a standing position. 
  • First, apply the massage gun on one buttock, go from top to bottom side up to the thigh, and then move back to the top.
  • Move the massage gun in a small circular motion, and the massage gun doesn’t stop at one point.
  • Massage first buttock for 4 – 6 minutes, then move to the next and repeat the steps.
  • It would be best if you worked out using the massage gun to remove the cellulite and stretch your skin.

How Long to Massage Cellulite?

You should massage cellulite for 4 – 6 minutes in one session. If you do a workout, you can massage the area where cellulite is present before and after the workout. Again, each massage session should be of 4 – 6 minutes max.

During the cellulite massage, make sure you don’t keep the massage gun at one point, as it can affect the muscles underneath negatively. So, keep the massage gun moving in smooth small circular motions continuously.

FAQs: Does Vibrating Massager Help Cellulite?

You can use a massage gun to massage Cellulite on Thighs. To massage cellulite on thighs, sit on a chair and apply the massage gun in a small circular motion on cellulite for 4 – 6 minutes. Make sure you don’t stop the massage gun at one point.

By massaging cellulite on thighs and regular workouts, cellulite can be effectively removed, and you can get smooth, stretched skin in a very short period. This is how to massage cellulite out.

 Final Remarks

In the end, we say that removing cellulite from your body is not a problem, only if you do it properly. Does vibrating massager help cellulite? Yes. It does if you use it along with workout. Because the vibrating massager alone cannot break the fat cells, it can just help remove the broken fat cells. Only your body can break them.

Moreover, we’ve told you how to massage cellulite away and how long to massage cellulite. Apply these useful techniques and get ready to enjoy cellulite-free skin.