Can You Use Massage Gun on Face?[Complete Guide]

Can You Use Massage Gun on Face

Are you already using a massage gun and loving its performance and results? Are you thinking that can you use massage gun on face? Then just hold your horses! Because you need to be extremely careful.

Though the Massage product industry has immensely progressed and improved its machines, yet using massage guns on the face is a debatable topic. You might have watched many videos on YouTube etc.

Where you are convinced that it’s quite ok to use it on the face, mind you, all that glitters is not gold. This article will discuss the pros and cons of using a massage gun on the face.

In addition, help you find the best options for using a massage gun on your face with all dos’ and don’ts. Read the article, and you will get everything that you are looking for regarding your query about whether can you use massage gun on face.For further you can see our article of how to use vibrating facial massager.

Using the massage gun on the face is an arguable topic, and if not used carefully, massage gun can do more harm than good.

Can You Use Massage Gun on Face?

Can You Use Massage Gun on Face?

Many people using massage guns have been punching their faces to get rid of jaw tension and headaches. We are here to inform you that there are no authentic recommendations to use a massage gun on your face.

1- The Primary Goal of Using a Massage Gun

The main objective/ goal of manufacturing massage products is to provide the facility of comforting or healing large muscles. You can use it to relieve muscle soreness or pain caused by excessive workouts or working desks for hours.

2- How Does a Massage Gun Work?

When the gun is placed on the muscles and turned on, it vibrates at a high frequency and low movement amplitude. It promotes recovery from workouts and improves overall performance while plummeting soreness.

It is significant to consider how to use these massage guns on your body to get good results. Should someone else or you use it? Mostly, the physiotherapist(chiropractor) should be at your service.

In another case, if you are the best person who can use it on your body, keep in mind all instructions and precautions, such as avoiding bruised areas, not staying in one place, and keeping moving at suitable pressure.

3- Who Should Use a Massage Gun?

Well, massage guns are designed to be used by all (of all ages); however, for the body down the neck, as mentioned above not recommended for the face at all. They are the most popular among athletes.

For instance, triathletes and ultra-marathoners. Athletes use it before or after the workout and is also recommended bt the sport physiotherapsit. Other people like desk workers, homemakers, and the old aged can also use massage guns for physical relaxation but not on the face.

Massage Gun on My Face

Massage Gun on My Face

Many of us know that muscle tension in the neck and shoulders can cause neck pain and headaches, but most people aren’t conscious that muscle tension can also be held in the face muscles.

1- Facial Muscles Stress

There are more than 20 muscles in our face (40 if counting both sides). We have a few key muscles that can cause problems with extreme tension. So, in this situation, can you use a massage gun on face?

2- Why is A Massage Gun Not Recommended on the Face?

Massage guns are produced to give deep-tissue massage to large muscle groups. They are too powerful to gently and safely massage your facial tissues. So, it is not appreciated and recommended to use a massage gun.

The reason is that it can damage the delicate muscles of your face and can harm your face instead of doing well. It can give you bruised face or stress fractures if used in more sensitive areas.

Can You Use Theragun on Face?

Can You Use Theragun on Face

Theragun is a tool for large muscle massage manufactured by percussive therapy was displayed in 2016. It is considered to deliver rapid respite to aching muscles after a long flight, extreme level exercises, or too much time sitting on a computer screen.

Even using a massage gun on your large limbs like legs, calves, shoulders, etc. You have to be careful and vigilant regarding the movement of the machine and the pressure level you adjust.

1- Theragun is Not Recommended on Face

Theragun is a more powerful and better-quality massage gun for large muscle treatment. Theragun massage guns are hard-hitting 16mm amplitude. Using it on the face is a bad idea. It can seriously damage your face.

Many believe that you can use a massage gun on your face under low-level pressure, but mind you, a normal massage gun’s lowest level is enough to damage your skin and face.

2- TheraFace Pro Massager Gun for Face

At last, Theragun has launched a specific facial muscle massager in the market. Though it is expensive, it is safe to use on your face. It has a face-friendly pressure level of 3mm, which is suitable for facial massage.

Facial Massage Gun Benefits

We are not born with perfect facial shapes, and as the years of life pass, our face experiences thousands of emotional jerks, physical injuries, tensions, depression, aging effects, and so on.

These effects result in jaw stiffness, headaches, anti-aging wrinkles, and dullness. So, like other body muscles, facial muscles also require maintenance. And undoubtedly has benefits.

Facial Massage Gun Benefits

1- Anti-aging and Wrinkles

Facial massage with an authentic massager helps reduces wrinkles. A small study in 2017 claimed that people using anti-aging creams and a stimulating facial massage showed enhanced results in fewer wrinkles and skin texture.

2- Relaxing

Massaging the facial skin helps relax the muscles that tend to cause stress, and collagen, elastin etc., are ultimately produced from the stimulation of the skin, resulting in increased circulation.

3- Skin Blood Flow

People having a 5-minute facial massage with a massage roller have increased blood flow for about 10 minutes after the massage therapy.

4- Sinus Pressure

If you are suffering from sinus pressure, you can use a massager to eliminate the pain, discomfort, and congestion. Sinus pressure massage effects are in studies and are in the conformation scenario.

Tips for Using a Facial Massage Gun for Face?

Tips for Using a Facial Massage Gun for Face

1- Time and Duration

You can use the only permitted TheraFace Pro-face massage gun on your face in the morning and evening six days a week for six minutes daily. Keep doing the cleansing of the face and follow the instructions to use for obtaining the desired results.

2- Mistakes When Using a Message Gun

Always read the instructions thoroughly, as each will come with different modes, uses, and directions. Altogether, there are a few things you should always avoid, according to the experts.

3- Areas to Avoid

Please do not use a massage gun on areas where your skin has cuts or rashes since it could cause more irritation. Avoid using a massage gun on a bony area, on areas where you have an injury, torn muscle, pain, swelling, or any similar concern.

FAQs: Can You Use Massage Gun on Face?

As massage guns are quite expensive and particularly facial massage guns. You can go for a regular manual facial massage. This finger massage can also help you relax your haw rigidness and headaches.

The all-new TheraFace Pro is the only face massage gun available. This product has produced amazing results and got highly appreciated reviews. It is a cleverly-designed all-in-one spa device that screams premium.

The best way to buy the best or one of the best facial massages is to research various massagers available in the market and online. Read reviews and specifications of the machines and keep your budget in mind.


Can you use massage gun on face? We hope this article will answer your queries regarding using a massage gun on the face. We can conclude that it is not recommended to use a regular large muscle massage gun on your face in any case.

This adventure can cost you a fortune. Only one option (TheraFace Pro massage gun) that is manufactured especially for the face. If you have money to buy it, go for it without confusion.

Use it carefully, following all instructions and guidelines. Also, watch tutorials for using it properly. A cheap and risk-free manual face massage option is available for you if you have no money and nothing to worry about.