Can Massage Chairs Hurt Your Back?[6 Reasons Why]

Can Massage Chairs Hurt Your Back

Surprising question. Isn’t it? We buy a massage chair for relaxation and stress relief. But still, we have to ask Can Massage Chairs hurt your Back when there is pain after getting a massage.

Don’t worry. Massage chairs can cause back pain when not used correctly or used for the first time. There can be many reasons for this back pain. But the good news is you can take care of them all, and finally, you can get a relaxing massage from your massage chair.

First of all, you need to know why massage chairs can hurt your back. Second, you need to work on those problems and fix them so you can relieve all your back pains and enjoy a refreshing massage. You’re going to get all of this here in this article.

Can Massage Chairs Hurt Your Back? – The Reasons

Can Massage Chairs Hurt Your Back

The answer to the question: Can massage chairs hurt your back? is a YES, and it has some background things linked to it.

Massage chairs are intended to provide you comfort by releasing toxins and sorting out your hardened muscles. But sometimes, it can cause pain, especially in the lumbar region. To eliminate this pain, you need to find out the underlying issue and solve it.

Keep in mind that these reasons are for average persons. If your pain doesn’t leave even after applying these reasons, you must contact your doctor and seek medical help.

Let’s get into the possible reasons which forced you to ask can massage chair hurt your back.

1. You are a Beginner

It is one of the main and most popular reasons for back pain after getting a massage from your massage chair. This back pain is due to the two facts. First, your body is not used to the massage and your muscles “react” to this change by sending pain signals to your brain. Second, you are using high intensity setting even the first time.

To understand this problem, think of a workout. When you start doing exercise after a long time or for the first time, your body is not used to it yet. So, your muscles that were inactive for a long time now have to move and stretch.

This exercise without warm-up causes pain in your muscles, and that’s why the start of the workout is difficult for you. But it gets easy as you move on and exercise regularly because the muscles are now active and responsive.

Similarly, when the massage chair rollers apply pressure to your muscles in a deep massage, they are not used to it. Therefore, you feel pain and soreness after the first massage, and it is normal. But keep in mind, it’ll go away after two or three massage sessions, and you’ll feel relaxed instead of tightened and hardened muscles that pain.

2. You are Dehydrated

You already know very well how vital is water for us. But did you know that its shortage can cause pain that you get after a massage?

We’ll explain how. When you take a massage, either from your chair or at a spa, it releases toxins from your body and increases the blood flow to the areas where it isn’t much normally. Now your body needs to get rid of these toxins, achieving it through sweat or urine.

But when you don’t drink enough water and are dehydrated, your kidney doesn’t let the water go out of your body, and the toxins, like lactic acid, get accumulated in your body, and that’s why you feel pain and soreness after the massage.

The solution to this problem is drinking lots of water before and after a massage, whether at a spa or on a massage chair. When the massage increases the blood flow in your body, the toxins release from your body either through sweat or urine after the massage.

Hence, water is necessary to get the toxins out of your body and make you feel fresh. Make sure you are hydrated before the massage to feel no pain after it.

3. You are not Warmed Up

Like we said earlier, think of getting a massage like an exercise. You can’t do it in a relaxed state, and you need to do a warm-up before it. Because your muscles will not respond positively to their work, especially when they have stayed in a hardened position for a long time.

But when you warm up before the exercise, your muscles get flexible and can easily stretch and reduce during the exercise. Additionally, they will loosen up, and the efficiency of the exercise increases.

Similarly, it would be best if you warmed up before getting into a massage chair. You can do it by using some gentler settings in your massage chair before getting a deep massage. Moreover, you can do stretching before and after getting a massage for warm-up and relaxation so that your muscles improvise with the situation.

You may have noticed that spas offer warm towels, hot stones before a massage. They are also to loosen your muscles and make them flexible for the massage. The knots and adhesions are easy to treat when the muscles are flexible during a massage.

In the same way, you can use the heating option present in a massage chair for a few minutes before the massage to warm up the muscles. Now the massage chair rollers will have more effect on them, and you’ll feel calm after the massage.

4. Maybe You are Using Massage Chair Too Much

Maybe You are Using Massage Chair Too Much

Excess of anything is bad. It is true in the case of getting a massage from your massage chair as well. If your massage chair is continuously working on your muscles without any gap, and your body doesn’t get the time to work on the muscles itself, then maybe a massage chair can hurt your back.

Massage chairs have well-designed rollers to soothe the knotted and tied-up muscles in your body with deep pressurized massage. But when you use a massage chair too much, the soft tissues and muscles in your body can get damaged. It can even bruise your back and muscle inflammation can occur.

Therefore, you must lightly use a massage chair and take it slow. Ideally, you should use a massage chair two to three times a week and each session should be of ten to fifteen minutes. Because massage chairs benefit the most when used for short periods.

The proverb “Everything lies in Moderation, Including Moderation” fits right here. You may also like to check how often should you use a massage chair.

5. You are Using Incompatible Settings

Settings in a massage chair can be difficult to understand and you need to know how to use a massage chair. If the default settings are not working well for you even when you have taken three to five massages on your massage chair and still it hurts your back, you should try to adjust them.

First, massage chairs can come with some difficult settings to understand for the first time. If you are having this difficulty, read the user manual or search online to comprehend the settings and use different features using the remote control provided with the massage chair.

Second, the pre-installed massage programs in a massage chair offer different levels of intensity and pressure of rollers across different points of your body. If you’re using them and still feel pain and soreness in your body after the massage, you can edit the program and adjust it to suit you. Maybe you want to increase the pressure on your legs or want the rollers to move within a certain limit, you can do it using these options.

Moreover, changing the settings according to your specific needs is important since all bodies are not the same. Maybe you have more strong or more weak muscles, maybe your skin is hard or soft. So, you need to modify the setting to avoid pain after the massage.

Sometimes, your massage chair can cause an issue when you have changed a setting and now don’t want it because these settings hurt your back. So, you can remove these settings by doing a massage chair reset to eliminate the problem.

6. You have an Injury That’s Causing Back Pain

If you are consistently getting back pain even after some massages from your massage chair, there is a chance that an injury is causing it. But it can come to your mind that how will you know whether it’s an injury or some problem in the chair causing the pain?

For this, first, you need to check all the above reasons and if you don’t find any of them as the cause of your pain, then maybe it’s the injury.

In such a case, you should immediately get help from a doctor as he can guide you perfectly according to your situation and diagnose the problem for you.

Usually, one of the spine disks causes back pain that doesn’t go even after getting several massages from your massage chair. Only a doctor can treat this back pain since he can diagnose it perfectly and provide suitable treatment. You may also like to check our list of best massage gun for lower back pain for quick relief.

Can a Massage Chair Hurt Your Back? – Pro Tips to Avoid Back Pain

Can a Massage Chair Hurt Your Back

It can be irritating when you buy a massage chair to get rid of the back pain, but you still get to have the company of the unwanted back pain after the massage. But don’t worry, as we have told you about some possible reasons in answer to “Can a massage chair Hurt your Back?”, we’ll give you pro tips to avoid the back pain caused after the massage.

  • Go Slow. Don’t start using the massage chair at medium or high pressure just at the start. Instead, use the lowest setting at the start and increment slowly.
  • Know your massage chair. You need to understand its controls and settings and adjust them according to your specific needs for a better experience.
  • Know how often should you use a massage chair. It should be two to three times a week for stress relief and relaxation. Don’t use a massage chair too long.
  • Drink water before and after the massage so you stay hydrated, and your body can function properly.
  • Warm-up before getting a massage to stretch your muscles and make them flexible.
  • Contact your doctor immediately if the pain is persistent and doesn’t go even after these precautions.

You may also like to check our list of best back massager for chair.

FAQ: Can Massage Chair Hurt Your Back

Technically, if you don’t use your massage chair wisely, then Yes, it can bruise your back. Some reasons due to which a massage chair can bruise your back are:

  • Using a massage chair the first time but at high intensity.
  • Using a massage chair too long or too much.
  • Not using the proper settings.
  • If you are not hydrated.
  • If You are not warmed up.

Yes. Massage chairs help stimulate the blood flow to some areas of your back where there is a lack of nutrients and oxygen. Moreover, the massage chair's comforting heat and soft rollers can relax the hardened muscles and ease out the knots of the tied-up muscles, which feels very good. Therefore, massage chairs are good for your back.

Final Remarks

Now you completely know the answer to “Can massage chairs hurt your back?” and the possible reasons for which they can hurt your back. These issues are very simple and straightforward, and you can easily solve them once you know them. 

Additionally, now you can relax and enjoy your relaxing massage by following our pro tips to avoid back pain caused by a massage chair. 

If you want to know more about massage chair working and issues related to massage chairs, visit our site massagetoolguide, and enjoy reading that’s worth your time.