6 Best Neck Massager for Migraines in 2022 [Reviews & Guide]

Best Neck Massager for Migraines

Need the Best Neck Massager for Migraines? Well, you are here at the right place. Those who have suffered from migraines know how damaging it can be to our heads. As a result of a migraine attack, our brains are hacked, and we cannot function otherwise.

Here comes the role of best neck massager for migraines. A neck massager is the most suitable and natural way to reduce your migraine and proper precautions and medication. Because whenever we have a headache, we put our fingers on our heads to massage them and alleviate the pain. 

Moreover, the way we spend our day, sitting all day in front of devices or wrong sleeping positions, will strain our necks. A massager will assist you in your worst times by providing a relaxed and soothing massage. This massage therapy will give you a short-term reduction in pain and tense neck area muscles. 

 Best Neck Massager for Migraines in 2022 Before and After

Therefore, the relaxation that is produced will help alleviate the pain of your neck. Additionally, we know that migraines are of different types that vary from person to person. Neck massagers are available in different shapes with distinct features. Having versatility will help you to cope with your issues. 

So, to know about the best neck massager for migraines, stick with us till the end. We have done an extensive research to get the list of some best massagers that are budget-friendly. 

The Neck Massager helps relax your stiff cervical muscles and strain in your necks and assists you in reducing your migraine by providing a relaxed and soothing massage.

Best Neck Massager for Migraines 

 RESTECK Electric Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager VOYOR Neck Massager TENS Electric Pulse Neck Massager
Massage AreaNeck,Shoulder ,Back & LegNeckNeck
Intensity LevelsManual Adjustable levelsManual Adjustable levels15 Levels of Intensity
Power SupplyWall and
Car Adaptor but Non rechargeable
Non rechargeableRechargeable 1500mAH Battery
PortabilityPortable with leather PouchLightweight(310g) and portable Lightweight(158g) and potable
Usable AreaHome,Office&Car(Best for Car use)Home,Office&CarHome,Office&Car

Here is a list of the best neck massager for migraines: 

Top Pick


Worth the money
Massage for all over the body
VOYOR Neck massager Trigger point massage
Lightweight and portable
Easy control intensity and budget-friendly
TENS Electric Pulse Neck Massager  6 modes, 15 levels of intensity
1- hour fast charge
Intelligent hot compress
Neck Rescue Amazing Neck Massager Innovative with a patent-pending design
Work on trigger points
Neck traction
Tension headaches
CONQUECO Shiatsu Neck Massager Intelligent voice broadcast system
Auto-shutoff system
Magnetic buckle
Imitates human finger massage
HEZHENG Neck Massager   Remote control
Patented waveform
Offer many options

1. RESTECK Electric Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager 

RESTECK Electric Shiatsu neck and back massager

RESTECK shiatsu massager is a neck massager designed to provide you with all comfort and make life more convenient. It is available to solve specific problems by remaining within your budget. So, it saves your time and money too. This massager is placed at the top of the list of best neck massagers for migraines. 

This massager will allow you to live your life to the fullest and enjoy it because it will reduce your acute pains and stiffness of the neck area. These pains and tension in the area cause impeding your daily activities.  

Moreover, with the help of the massager, neck pain is relieved, persistent fatigue is eliminated, tensed muscles are soothed, and blood circulation is promoted in the body. So, this massager will do wonders, and you will feel relaxed. 

RESTECK massager is portable, which is another excellent feature of the massager. It comes with a beautiful leather pouch that makes it easier for everyone to store and transport anywhere. So, you will be able to get a deeper massage while on the go by this shiatsu massager. 

Additionally, this massager will give you a relaxing massage with its massager pillow even on the go. You can use it on travelling, road trips, camping, office, and even in cars. 

Furthermore, this massager has adjustable settings that you can set according to your own needs and issues. You can set the heat and stimulation that suits your requirements. The massage has four buttons that make its use even more convenient for users. You can adjust the temperature to your liking.

In the same way, you can choose the stimulation accordingly. Its kneading nodes work in a standard way to give you endless comfort and massaging pleasure. Now what you have to do is just lay back and enjoy your massage. 

Moreover, this massager can do wonders all over the body. Due to its multipurpose nature, you can use this kneading massager for many purposes. You can use it on your neck, back, shoulders and legs. It will work miracles on your glutes, calves, and feet. 

This shiatsu kneading massager will allow you to enjoy a deep, stimulating, and full body massage by staying in your living room at your home. This massager will make you in charge of your body to relieve your body pains and aches accordingly. Therefore, this is one of the best neck massager for migraines. 

  • Portable Worth the money Massage for all over the body
  • Sometimes minimal heat does not work accordingly 



2. VOYOR Neck Massager 

VOYOR Neck massager

VOYOR is a deep tissue shiatsu massager, and you will enjoy a deep massage for all your needs and issues. This massager is designed ergonomically to provide you relief from the aches and pains of your neck and reduce the pain of migraine caused by your neck area. 

This shiatsu massager is very portable, like it only weighs only 310g. It is so lightweight that it is lighter than an apple. This handheld massager will make it easier for you to carry it everywhere. Due to this portability, you will enjoy the deep tissue massage wherever you want, whether at home or office. 

Moreover, the massager helps in relieving the pain and weariness of muscles. For this, you can improve blood circulation and soothe your tensed muscles. You can do it all by squeezing, pushing, and kneading your stiff, tight, and hurting muscles in a particular area. You can apply this massager on the neck, shoulder, and leg by relieving your muscles’ tension. It will improve your body’s overall shape and improve your sleeping pattern. 

Additionally, there is controllable massage intensity of this handheld massager. For this purpose, two soft but firm silicone balls are available to focus on specific trigger points and exert pressure on those points. These silicon balls will assist them in relaxing the muscles. 

It is ideal for all people of all ages because you can choose the appropriate strength for your massage needs and specific complications. 

This massage imitates the massage of a person. It feels like this because of its dual trigger point silicon balls because they work like the hands of a masseuse. These balls enter deeply into the muscles and provide quick pain relief. It will make you feel revitalized and at ease afterwards. 

Furthermore, the massager has an ergonomic design handle that is easy to grip. It is more flexible to open and close quickly for your body’s needs. All these features make it possible for us to consider it the best massager for migraines. 

  • Trigger point massage Lightweight and portable  Easy control intensity and budget-friendly
  • For slimmer people, they may not soothe that much 

3. TENS Electric Pulse Neck Massager – best neck massager for headaches 

TENS Electric Pulse Neck Massager 

This electric pulse neck massager will give you relief from your sore muscles and neck pain. We have to spend our day sitting on our job desks or using mobile phones. Our neck muscles become tensed and can cause migraines too. It is the best massager for tension headaches on this list. 

These things will subject your neck to tremendous pressure and make your head 5 times heavier. Due to this pressure, you will experience neck pain, weariness, and bad posture. So, give your muscle strained and neck tiredness a much-needed relief by TENS electric pulse neck massager. 

This electric pulse massager will control the blood circulation and provide relief to your overworked muscular parts. Moreover, the massager is equipped with 6 modes with 15 levels of intensity and 4-point thermostatic compression hot. 

The massager has a steady 107F temperature and a warm compress technique. But if you think you cannot handle the heat, turn it off before suffering any potential damage. Additionally, the massager has 3D magnetic electrode pads and a 4-point fixed heating arrangement. 

Furthermore, this massager has an ergonomic design with a U-shaped handle to fit around your neck conveniently. This U-shaped design follows the shape of the human neck. In this way, this TENS massager will also relieve muscles’ tension and cervical fatigue. 

Moreover, the massager is made to provide its users with convenience, comfort, and a professional therapeutic massage that will give you benefits under 15 minutes at your own home. 

This electric massager is cordless, which will make it easier for you to use it anywhere and anytime. And you will not have to handle the wires from one place to another. 

TENS massager is very lightweight, and the weight is up to 0.35lb. It has a battery with a large capacity or a powerful battery. If the massager is charged fully, it will go for 10 consecutive days to operate. When the massager is fully charged, there is a green light signal and an auto-off function to protect it from overuse. 

These remarkable features are available in a massager, no doubt TENS Electric pulse neck massager. We have placed this massager on the list of the best neck massager for migraines. 

However, there are some cautions too for the use of this massager. Because this massager uses a low-frequency therapy, you can feel an abnormal electric shock. But if you have any mental, dental implants or pacemakers, ask your doctor before. 

Lastly, before its use, make your neck wet and wipe out the 2 metal pads and go through the manual. 

  • 6 modes, 15 levels of intensity 1- hour fast charge  Intelligent hot compress
  • Not recommended for people with implants or pacemakers 

4. Neck Rescue Amazing Neck Massager – best massager for headaches

Neck Rescue Amazing Neck Massager

Neck Rescue is a new kind of massager with a patent-pending design different from typical support foams or pillow shape massagers. This massager has innovative features that work wonders on your tense points. 

This innovative design of the massager will help treat the hard-to-reach points of your neck by going between the layers of the muscles. Additionally, this massager is more budget-friendly than traditional pricy massagers that work on previous techniques in this contemporary world. 

Moreover, the massager has a professional style of massage due to its neck rollers that feel like the fingers of a person stroking deep into the tissues of the muscles. You will be able to get a more profound and targeted sensation by more minor massage points. It helps relieve the tension in your neck muscles from the comfort of your home. 

To get into the massage, place it on the ground with 2 prongs up. Then, gently lay down on the prongs and feel relief from your tensed muscles for 10 seconds. Try to move this small device slowly down the neck and repeat it. 

Furthermore, if you suffer from headaches due to your stiff muscles, this is the best neck massager for tension headaches because it outstretches the neck backward and tries to break the knots and muscle spasms. 

It is professional because it operates like a chiropractor who relieves the stiffness of the joints. It treats each muscle and sore point separately, unlike the typical working of other massagers. Because those massagers work by pulling on the head, and after using it, you will feel more effective adhesion for neck pain relief. 

This massager is not so expensive but relieves your neck pain and stiffness by making you relax. You will feel happy by improved sleeping pattern and cutting yourself off from the medication. 

Moreover, the massager is portable and will fit into any bag, and you can use it in your office and gym. This 3-side massager can reach every targeted point because you can quickly move it with your hands. And you will get an alignment massage and complete neck pain relief. 

The finger-like points of the massager feel like you are enjoying a massage from a professional. These prongs penetrate deep into the muscles. As a result, it alleviates the tension and aligns them. So, you will thoroughly enjoy the massage and experience the spine’s alignment too. 

Neck Rescue has three different sides or three different types of prongs that allow you to personalize its use. These three sides are wide, medium, and narrow. If you want a deep compression massage, go with ample sides of the massager. For joint traction and alignment, use its narrow side. 

This massager is equipped with many excellent features to relieve muscle tension and cervical fatigue in the neck area. It will help you choose among other best neck massagers for migraines. 

  • Innovative with a patent-pending design  Work on trigger points  Neck traction  Tension headaches
  • It takes a little time to get used to

5. CONQUECO Shiatsu Neck Massager – best massager for tension headaches

CONQUECO Shiatsu Neck Massager

CONQUECO is an electric handheld massager that works with heat to treat your sore areas and muscle problems. It will help relieve the soreness and stiffness of muscles and relax your neck after a long, hectic daily routine. 

This handheld massager will fit perfectly around your neck due to its magnetic buckle. The magnetic buckle can fit around all kinds of necks, and it is up to you to set it accordingly. So, you need to handle it with both hands like typical massagers to fix the position. 

Moreover, it is crafted in C shape design which is another excellent feature of this massager that it has no difficulty holding in hands. It will give you the right amount of support with this C-shaped cushion. 

The massager is cordless, so there is no need to worry about how to handle its wires. Because wire can cause difficulty while taking a massage or carrying it with you, you can move it anywhere and anytime. You can use it in the office, at home and even at your gym because it is adjustable in a mini bag. 

The CONQUECO massager will give you a 3D deep kneading massage that will penetrate the layers of muscles to treat your issues. The massager is equipped with 24 beads that rotate clockwise and anticlockwise to give you a deep massage.

Furthermore, the massager has an auto shut-off system to protect you from potential damage. Because it works with heat so it may get overheated and harm you, it will automatically shut off the massager after 15 minutes.

The working of this massager seems like you are getting a massage from a person. It copies the massage of the human fingers, and the massager will regulate the blood circulation in your neck area by a comfortable temperature of 107F. You will feel relaxed after this massage. 

The heat function of the massager is not compulsory for you. It’s up to you if you want to use the heating function. You can turn it on and off according to your preferences. It will treat trigger points in your body. 

Another remarkable feature of this massager is that it comes with an intelligent voice broadcast system. This feature makes its use more convenient for you because you do not need to remove it every time to adjust settings. Another thing is that it is removable and washable. Yes, but only it’s cover cloth. It has a USB cable with it that makes charging easier. 

So, with all these alternatives you can choose whatever suits you. You will experience a fantastic massage that alleviates your constant fatigue and neck pain and allows you to enjoy your life to the fullest. 

  • Intelligent voice broadcast system Auto-shutoff system  Magnetic buckle Imitates human finger massage
  • Expensive



6. HEZHENG Neck Massager – best neck massager for tension headaches

HEZHENG Neck Massager  

HEZHENG is a handheld massager that is an electric massager to deal with your problems. It works more than techniques like force vibration and impulse therapy. If you are going through constant headaches, then HEZHENG is the best neck massager for headaches. 

This electric handheld massager will regulate blood circulation in the affected area by its heat compress design. The massage is designed to provide you relief from pain and reduce headaches.

You will feel refreshed due to the controlled circulation of blood. Moreover, there is a heat function that will alleviate muscles’ stress by relaxing them. Its vibrating function will solve the problem of neck stiffness and help you feel refreshed. 

The design of the massager is charming and compact. It is a lightweight massager, and you will not worry while using it. It weighs only 160g. The massager has the fantastic feature of the voice-based system, so you just have to use your voice for operating it. No need to remove it from your neck again and again. 

Moreover, the massager has a digital display that makes its use more convenient. You have no trouble dealing with the buttons. This massager has so many options to personalize it according to your needs. 

The massager is equipped with 10 levels of intensity, 7 modes, and 3 functions. Additionally, it has 3 massage heads to cover a large area and enjoy comfortable massage. The connection of the massager is silicon-based, which makes it fit more perfectly around your neck. 

You will have the opportunity to set its temperature according to you. Because it offers a temperature range from 101F-115F, choose what suits you. There is another option of turning off the voice of this massager not to disturb people around you. 

Furthermore, its operating system is based on the patent technology that works with Special waveform. This feature makes the massage more effective for the users. It comes with a carrying bag to make it easy to carry it anywhere. 

Due to this portability, you will be able to use it while doing office work, watching TV, and even walking. You have to get into the massage for 15 minutes twice a day and let your neck pains and problems melt away.

Another great thing that comes with this massager is its remote control. You can attach it to the massager, and it is very lightweight and portable. It will control temperature, power, intensity and turn off voice guidance. Its battery will work for 2 years typically, and in the case of the lower battery, you can charge it by clicking the button behind its back.  

However, if you have any implants in your body or are pregnant, try to avoid their use. Because it operates with impulse therapy, you may feel electric shock while using it. So do not worry; just wet your neck before taking the massage if you feel uncomfortable.

  • Remote control  Patented waveform Offer many options
  • Not suitable for people to have any device in their bodies, and pregnant women 



Buyer’s Guide for Best Neck Massager for Migraines

Best Neck Massager for Migraines


Firstly, try to choose a portable neck massager. Because we suffer from a headache due to migraines that can occur anytime, and if you have a portable massager, it will help you deal with your issue anywhere. 

Moreover, it will make you feel relaxed whether you are at home or in the gym since you can carry it with you everywhere and use it conveniently for migraine issues. 

Heating and Cooling Therapy 

Having heating and cooling therapy is another excellent feature of utmost importance while buying a neck massager. It will work in two ways. If you want to treat your surface-level issue or pain, use cooling therapy. But for a more profound treatment, heat therapy is available too. 

The same is the case with neck-related problems. Use cooling remedies for the issues if they are just below the surface, like many people do icing for this purpose. But for more profound complications of the muscles, heat therapy is there. Because icing cannot go into the deeper muscles, it can control the neck pain, but the heat will be more helpful to treat it properly. 

But if your neck pain is a result of any injury like a sport-related injury, then try not to fall into heat therapy. It may cause any potential damage to your muscles. Try to consult your doctor first, getting into the massage yourself for these conditions.

Consider Your Issues 

Another essential feature that must be considered before purchasing any neck massager is its usage or how easy it is to use. Moreover, consider your issue before getting into the massage. 

If you are suffering from pain that travels to your skull and becomes a reason for the headache, avoid using any percussion massager. It will only multiply your discomfort more. 

Furthermore, if you are an arthritis patient and cannot put things around your shoulder, then wrap-around shiatsu massagers are not for you. So, always consider all these factors before giving a try to any massager. 

FAQs: Best Neck Massager for Migraines

There are two possible answers to this question. First, you can use a neck massager for migraine to alleviate your headache. Adjust the massager settings according to your requirements and adequately massage your neck.

Second, you can self-massage yourself using your fingers. To do this, relax your shoulders and straighten your neck. Now move your fingers slowly and firmly around your neck for 3-5 minutes in a circular motion. It'll help a lot.

Massage is an effective way to reduce your neck pain and muscle soreness. But follow some instructions to get better outcomes. For neck pain specifically, its use is recommended for up to 60 minutes 2-3 times a week. It is better than taking a massage of 60 minutes only once a week. 


We have researched to give you a thorough list of the best neck massager for migraines. We have given you the criteria to choose what you want. Choose the massager you think will work efficiently with your wants and complications. 

However, if you have implants in your body or pacemakers, try to avoid using electric massagers. Moreover, read How to use neck massagers to know about its healthy usage and get the most out of your neck massager.