5 Best Massage Chair for Sciatica [Expert’s Opinion]

Best Massage Chair for Sciatica

Those who have experienced sciatica know that it can be a real pain in the butt, literally. However, it can be controlled or eliminated by taking proper steps and treatment. This treatment can be very relaxing if you do it through massage. Therefore, we will describe the Best Massage Chair for Sciatica that can benefit you a lot.

Massage chairs are now equipped with technology to provide you comfort in different medical conditions, including sciatica. By relaxing massage on your lower back area, legs, calves, and feet, not only the sciatic pain can be lessened but can also be removed entirely in some cases.

Massage chairs can help you treat sciatica with the massage. Doctors also recommend that because it is a consistent yet effective solution that relaxes you and gives you the energy to deal with the situation. We’ll describe it more in detail later in this article. Moreover, first, you need to understand our criteria for choosing the best massage chair for sciatica to know what you are getting and why.

Massage chairs help conveniently in soothing your sciatic pain by relaxing and de -contracting your muscles in the lower back area, legs, calves and feet.

Our Criteria for Choosing Best Massage Chair for Sciatica

Massage chairs have different features to handle different types of situations. We have primarily focused on features that can directly affect sciatic pain treatment and will be the best massager for sciatica.

To get the most out of the sciatica massage chair to treat sciatica, we looked for the Tracking system in the chair. The S-track system will follow the curvature of your spine to give you a personalized massage, but it is short of length to cover your buttocks. 

While the L-track system can go under your buttock region to cover all your spine and even after it, which is the main area related to sciatic pain, chairs with the L-track or SL-Track were shortlisted, or massage chairs that have advanced S-track were also considered.

Moreover, the calf and foot massage quality should be high in a massage chair if you want to treat sciatica. Since the sciatic is either in the left leg or the right leg, passing through thighs, calves, and foot. 

Therefore, we looked for sciatica massage chairs that had a high-quality calf and foot massage and whether the calf heating therapy was present in them because calf heating helps a lot to loosen the muscles in the legs and relieve sciatic pain.

Other than this, we considered the overall quality score of the chair, price, user experience, and other advanced features to select the best massage chair for sciatica selected personally for your condition.

Now, let’s get to the point and check our list of Best Massage Chairs for Sciatica.

Best Massage Chair for Sciatica

Luraco i7 Plus

Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800s

Infinity IT-8500 X3 –

Product Dimensions47″D x 38″W x 81″H52″D x 31″W x 48″H59 x 35.4 x 45.7 inches
Item Weight‎265 Pounds238 pounds265 Pounds
Track SystemS and L track systemL track systemS track systme
Supproted users4ft 7inch to 6ft 7inches(4’7″-6’7″)5ft 3inch to 6ft (5’3″-6′)5ft 1inch to 6ft 6inches(5’1″-6’6″)
Air Bags1003640
CostQuite ExpensiveAffordableExpensive
Product Benefits Special Care for Claves, Legs, and Feet,smart handheld touch-screen control,3-Layered Footrest,two massage rollers,Bluetooth12 Automatic Modes,Calf and Foot Massage with Heating,Five Levels of roller speed and air pressure,three stages of Zero Gravity positionsSpinal Correction,Total Sole Reflexology,Waist Twist Therapy,Bluetooth,5 levels Intensities,4 Manual Massage Programs,9 Auto programs,offers Zero Gravity

Here is a list of the best massage chairs for sciatica, based on the most valuable factors for sciatic pain relief.

Top Pick

Luraco i7 Plus – Best Massager for Sciatica


L Track System


12 Automatic Modes

Shiatsu Massage Technique

Calf and Foot Massage with Heating

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Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800s – Best Chair for Sciatica Nerve Pain


L Track System


12 Automatic Modes

Shiatsu Massage Technique

Calf and Foot Massage with Heating

Affordable Price

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Infinity IT-8500 X3 – Best Back Massager for Sciatica


S-track with 3D technology


Spinal Correction

Up to 6’6″ supported.

Total Sole Reflexology

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Osaki Titan Summit Flex – Best Recliner for Sciatica


52” Flex SL Track


Lumber and Calf Heating

Very Affordable

12 Auto Massage Programs

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Human Touch Sana – Best Recliner for Sciatica


SL Track


Max Height Up to 6’3”

Zero Gravity

Extended Foot and Calf Massage

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Let’s get into the details of our best massage chairs for sciatica.

1- Luraco i7 Plus – Best Massager for Sciatica

Best Massager for Sciatica

Topping our list for the best massage chair for sciatica is none other than Luraco i7 Plus. This American-made sciatic massager is entirely up to date with the latest technology concerned with massage chairs in the market. Moreover, it can provide you with comfort related to sciatica pain.

It will not be incorrect to say that this chair is an all-rounder in the massage chair field. Not only this chair has been identified as the best medical chair, but it also holds the credit for outstanding customer service and technology.

The price of this chair is also almost at the top of our list, but it is worth it if you can afford it. The features available in this chair will make you forget about the investment you made.


Tracking System

Luraco i7 Plus has an L-track system of 32 in (81 cm) that can go deep under your buttocks area, which is the root of sciatic pain. Additionally, the rollers can move in 3D to provide you with a pinpoint massage at your desired area, even at the lower back.

Full Body Heat Therapy

The full-body heat therapy system is available to relax your muscles and loosen them. It makes the massage more effective as the muscles respond positively to the massage rollers.

Moreover, the heat covers the feet, seat, and back and has five levels of intensities. This option is rare in a massage chair and offers more control to your massage.

Air Cells That Cover Your Body

Luraco i7 Plus comes with 100 air cells that cover all of your body. In most of the chairs, the airbags only cover some of your body parts, but that is just not enough for the sciatic problem. Therefore, you can get a proper full-body massage due to this feature.

The air cell massage for legs, feet, shoulder, neck, forearm, and palm makes it extremely useful to relax.

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity is now a must in high-end massage chairs due to its efficiency. In the Zero Gravity position, your legs are positioned slightly above your heart to reduce the effect of gravity on your spine. It creates a state of weightlessness which relaxes your joints and muscles. In this way, the back massage quality is improved, and you relax more.

3-Layered Footrest

The adjustable 3-layered Footrest is a patented technology offered by Luraco i7 Plus. Due to this technology, your calves, foot, and upper legs get a complete massage and restrain the pain caused by sciatic nerve issues.

Double Foot Massage Rollers

To your surprise, there are two massage rollers for your foot instead of one in Luraco i7 Plus. By adding this feature, Luraco has covered many of the issues caused by pain in the foot and legs, including sciatic pain, and making itself the best massager for sciatica.

Extended Ottoman

The recommended range for users is 4’7″ to 6’7″, which is by far the most extensive range offered by any massage chair. If you are this tall or any of your family members are, they can get a relaxing massage laced with the latest technology due to this chair.


The special stretching of Luraco i7 Plus can be estimated by its body swivel with twist stretching and two-position foot stretching, which is a must to get every inch of your body relaxed.

Therefore, you cannot think of anything else if you own the best massager for sciatica, the Luraco i7 Plus.

Other Highlights – Luraco i7 Plus

  • The nine automatic preset programs cover almost all the types of massage you would want to get from your chair. In addition, it can hold the memory of 5 persons, so it covers all of your family.
  • Advance operating system with easy-to-use remote to control the chair as you desire.
  • Human Voice Response in 7 different languages.
  • Real Genuine Leather at all touch surfaces.
  • High-Quality Bluetooth Speaker to connect your phone.

With all these features and advanced technology, it is clear that Luraco i7 Plus is the best massage chair for sciatica. 

  • All-round massage therapy
  • Airbags that cover the whole body
  • Up to 6’7″ supported
  • Special Care for Claves, Legs, and Feet
  • High Price

2- Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800s – Best Chair for Sciatica Nerve Pain

Best Chair for Sciatica Nerve Pain

Kahuna has been one of the leading brands in the massage chair industry, and LM-6800s shows it all. This sciatica massage chair fits all, whether someone is a hobbyist or casual user, chronic pain sufferers like sciatica, and tall users. Everyone can get their due share of enjoyment from this chair.

The LM-6800s is the updated version of Kahuna LM-6800 with all the modifications done for a better user experience. Moreover, this user-friendliness can be seen when you get your hands on 6800s.

With all these features, Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800s comes at a very affordable price, making it a considerable choice for the best massage chair for sciatica.


L-Track System

One of the main features of Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800s is its L-track system with 45″ length and four rollers. This system will cover all your spine very effectively and decompress it. 

The roller trail shape is designed to massage your neck, back, and to your buttock. This increased massage range is necessary to eliminate your sciatica pain.

Three Zero Gravity Stages – Best Zero Gravity Chair for Sciatica

There are three zero-gravity stages in Kahuna LM-6800s explicitly designed for a better user experience with this chair. The next position is more reclined, relieving more stress from your body, and you virtually feel the state of weightlessness. 

Moreover, the weight distribution of your body in a Zero Gravity position can help you immediately feel the therapeutic effects. So, this zero gravity chair for sciatica is beneficial.

12 Auto Programs

The 12 auto programs in this sciatic massager make your massage more versatile and give you more options. You can select from Basic Daily, Stretching, and Elite massage programs according to your mood and need.

The Stretching programs lessen the stress in your body by stretching the stiffened muscles and relaxing them. Moreover, Yoga Stretching gives you a subtle form of bow stretching to eliminate back pain.

The Lower Body massage in Elite Program offers a relaxing massage to your legs, calves, and feet. You can use this program to control the sciatic pain and release the sciatic nerve to work without the pain.

Lower Back and Calves Heat Therapy

The lower back and calves heat therapy in the LM-6800s massage chair can effectively address the main problematic area for sciatic pain. It loosens your muscles, and the sciatic pain is removed quickly by combining it with the massage rollers.

Whole Body Massage with Airbags

The 36 airbags give you a whole-body massage with an integrated acupoints feature. The airbags inflate separately for better blood circulation. The shoulder, hips, and thighs are focused with airbags, making it possible to massage the whole body.

Calf and Foot Massage

The rollers in the Kahuna LM-6800s can be manually adjusted and positioned when taking a calf and foot massage. It gives you more options to target the area with the most pain. 

The airbags inflate under your feet to give you a deeper massage. Additionally, the two rollers for the foot massage give a kneading style massage to stimulate acupuncture points.

Adjustable Shoulder Pad

The shoulder positions are automatically detected in Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800s, which gives you a more personalized massage. It works hand in hand with Computer Body Scan technology to adjust you perfectly in this chair and target acupoints.

Shiatsu Massage Technique

Shiatsu in Japanese means “finger pressure”. The Kahuna LM-6800s has been designed to include this massage with more user comfort. 

Moreover, other techniques like kneading, tapping, tapping + kneading, shiatsu, and rolling are also present in this chair which can be used automatically or manually. So, this best chair for sciatica nerve pain is worth considering for purchase.

Other Highlights – Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800s

  • Space-saving design and three stages of Zero Gravity positions satisfy you the most. You can place the chair only 5-6 in away from the wall.
  • Extendable Ottoman can adjust the max height of up to 6 ft, providing more usage options.
  • Five Levels of roller speed and air pressure with three levels of roller width.
  • Portion massage, as well as fixed-point massage, are available in this chair.
  • The head pillow is newly designed which can be used as back padding.
  • Bluetooth speakers are available so you can enjoy your favourite music while taking a massage.
  • L Track System
  • 12 Automatic Modes
  • Shiatsu Massage Technique
  • Calf and Foot Massage with Heating
  • Affordable Price

  • Max Height only Up to 6 ft

3- Infinity IT-8500 X3 – Best Back Massager for Sciatica

Best Back Massager for Sciatica

We had a close call between the Luraco i7 Plus and Infinity IT-8500 X3 to choose our top best massage chair for sciatica. Almost all the features available in Luraco i7 Plus are available in Infinity IT-8500 X3. Still, it does not offer an L-track system.

Infinity makes one of the most advanced and reliable massage chairs in the market. With this well-designed sciatic massager, your sciatica pain can be well under control, and it can help you a lot. 

With its latest near-flat reclining S-track technology, the IT-8500 X3 shows one of the best from Infinity in a mid-range price tag.


Tracking System

The Infinity IT-8500 X3 massage chair has a Near-flat reclining S-track system with 3D technology. The S-track used in this chair allows the rollers to move in three dimensions along the curvature of your spine from your cervical to lumbar region.

With the natural S-shape of your spine in mind, the S-track can reduce the stress off your spine and help in good overall support of the body.

Zero Gravity with Inversion Therapy

The Infinity IT-8500 X3 offers Zero Gravity like all the best massage chairs in the market to take the maximum load off your spine by decompressing it. In this state, the massage chair distributes your weight evenly across your body to create a virtual state of weightlessness.

Along with this, the Infinity IT-8500 X3 can give you Inversion Therapy in which the chair reclines back below 180 degrees. During this, your toes are higher than your head to reduce stress on your vertebrae. Therefore, it is a proper zero gravity chair for sciatica.

Spinal Correction and Decompression Stretch

In the Full-Body Stretch option, the airbags hold your shoulders and legs and recline the chair, so your entire body is stretched. The spinal correction features extend and compress your spine using powerful stretching techniques to release pain from your back.

Total Sole Reflexology 

This feature has been designed specifically by the Infinity massage chairs to give you a powerful and relaxing foot massage using six rollers and eight airbags, along with the Shiatsu massage technique. 

This feature combines with the airbags in the massage chair to altogether remove the pain and stress from your feet by using the acupoints in your feet linked to the other parts of the body. And you know how important it can be if you have sciatic pain.

Waist Twist Therapy

The Infinity IT-8500 X3 uses airbags for the gentle compression and slight twist of your hip to stretch tight muscles in the region. 

Since the sciatic pain can be caused by pinching the sciatic nerve in this region, stretching this region along with the Heat therapy in the Lumber option available in the massage chair seems very promising.

9 Auto Programs

The 9 Auto programs in the Infinity IT-8500 X3 contain different massage techniques and focus on different types of pain in the body. Depending on your health and how you feel, you can adjust their intensities from gentle to intense for deep tissue massage.

Lumbar Heat

The lumber heat softens the muscles in the lumbar region. It helps other massage programs to take care of your back pain and sciatica pain effectively. This heat therapy also covers the hips and glutes region due to high-quality heat filament.

Up to 6’6″ supported.

Yes, you read it right. The Infinity IT-8500 X3 can support a whole range of heights from 5’1” to 6’6”. So, if you are tall and are looking for a massage chair with all the advanced features to relieve you from sciatic pain, your search can end here.

Variety of Massage Techniques

The Infinity IT-8500 X3 has a variety of massage techniques to cater to your needs for a relaxing massage. You can enjoy the Kneading, Tapping, Kneading + Tapping, and Knocking massage techniques. But these techniques are available in other average massage chairs too.

Additionally, this massage chair has Shiatsu and Rhythm Sync massage techniques, making your massage more enjoyable and relaxing. 

In Rhythm Sync massage mode, the massage rollers will massage on the beat of your favourite music that is connected to the chair through Bluetooth.

Other Highlights – Infinity IT-8500 X3

  • Up to 5 levels of massage Intensities.
  • 4 Manual Massage Programs consisting of Recover, Refresh, Extend, and Relax.
  • The chair can be connected to Apple or Android app or controlled by wireless remote control.
  • Truefit Body Scanning to optically scan your body and pinpoint your body’s size and shape for a customized massage according to your body.
  • 360° 4-Node Plus Massage for a thorough back massage to cover all your spine, making an 8-figure shape.
  • 40 Airbags throughout the chair providing full body massage.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for your favourite music without any effort.
  • S-track with 3D technology
  • Spinal Correction
  • Up to 6’6″ Supported
  • Total Sole Reflexology
  • Waist Twist Therapy

  • No Calf Heat

4- Osaki Titan Summit Flex – Best Recliner for Sciatica

Best Recliner for Sciatica

You cannot leave Osaki out of the talk if you’re looking for the best massage chair for sciatica. Osaki has a wide range of massage chairs available to serve different purposes and price ranges. But we have chosen the best massage chair for sciatica from Osaki at a very affordable price.

You’ll find almost every main feature required to heal sciatica by using a massage chair in this chair. Whether it is calf heating or SL track, you’ll find it in Osaki Titan Summit Flex.

Although this chair has many important features we’re looking for, its price is very affordable, making it the first choice if you’re on a budget here.


52” Flex SL-Track

Not the simple SL-Track. The Osaki Titan Summit Flex brings you the “Flex” SL track, which can give you a smooth L-track massage at any position you desire. With this freedom at your disposal, you don’t have to stick to the pre-defined positions to get your favourite massage.

Moreover, the Osaki Titan Summit Flex can be reclined at a perfect 165° angle, which many massage chairs do not offer.

Along with this, the Flex SL-track is 52″ long, which covers all your spine from neck to thighs, even for tall users. This feature in Osaki Titan Summit Flex makes it desirable if you are suffering from sciatica.

Two-Stage Zero Gravity

The Osaki Titan Summit Flex offers two-stage Zero Gravity positions to take you into the state of weightlessness. You can choose your favourite zero gravity stage to get a massage with different techniques since each stage will give its unique flavour.

48 Airbags Full Body Massage

The 48 Airbags available in Titan Summit will give you a full body massage, including shoulder, arms, calves, and feet. So, nothing will be missed in this chair.

Additionally, these airbags are also used to give you a decisive stretch in auto stretch programs of the chair.

12 Auto Massage Programs 

Like any premium massage chairs on our list, the Osaki Titan Summit Flex has 12 Auto massage programs with five massage styles. By this feature, Osaki takes care of your different moods and provides you with the variety you need.

The Waist & Glutes massage and Yoga massage program are perfect for your sciatic pain condition.

Back and Calf Infrared Heat

The infrared heat at your back and calf is just what you expect from a good massage chair. The heat loosens and relaxes your tightened muscles and makes the massage therapy more effective. 

The muscles in the calves are usually hardened, and there is pain if you have sciatica. Using calf heat and the proper massage, you can push the pain from your calves to thighs and ultimately reach the root of the pain.

Silent Foot Rollers

The Osaki Titan Summit Flex has silent foot rollers that work on your feet to release stress and make you feel relaxed. The spinning foot rollers work on the foot’s arch when complemented by the airbags, which push the feet down on the rollers. You can adjust the intensity of rollers to have your desired experience.

Ultra-Quite Massage Chair

The Osaki Titan Summit Flex is one of the few massage chairs that performed excellently in noise testing with a remarkable 50 dB result. The airbags are specifically designed to reduce the operating noise of the chair for a better user experience. 

So, you can enjoy your favourite music and massage in a calm ambience by using this chair.

Extendable Ottoman

You can extend the Footrest in the Osaki Titan Summit Flex up to 7″ by applying pressure on it for adjusting your height. The Footrest will simply extend outward and then retract once you are out of your chair.

Moreover, this chair has a recommended height range of 5’0″ to 6’3″, which is very good for any massage chair.

Chromo-Therapy Lighting

You can illuminate the room with Chromo Therapy Lighting. The blue light sets a peaceful and healing tone to your ambient environment. It is proven to be healthy during a massage.

Other Highlights – Osaki Titan Summit Flex 

  • Auto body scan in Osaki Titan Summit Flex will automatically adjust the massage according to your specific body type.
  • The rollers have six levels of speed adjustment and three levels of width adjustment.
  • The Osaki Titan Summit Flex just needs to be placed 4” away from the wall due to its space-saving technology.
  • The foot roller massage with airbags helps to remove stress and pain from the feet.
  • A USB charging port and Bluetooth speakers are already integrated into the massage chair to better user experience and make it the best recliner for sciatica.
  • 52” Flex SL Track
  • Lumber and Calf Heating
  • Very Affordable
  • 12 Auto Massage Programs
  • Foot Roller Massage

  • Outer Shell is Plastic

5- Human Touch Sana – Best Recliner for Sciatica

Human Touch Sana - Best Recliner for Sciatica

Human Touch has been in the massage chair industry for 40 years and knows how to establish its name. You’ll find advanced yet straightforward tech in its massage chairs.

Human Touch Sana is one of its best massage chairs suited for sciatic pain. Sana translates from Latin, meaning Health. It is specifically designed for people with medical conditions to give you the best treatment with its therapeutic massage.

At first, Human Touch Sana may look simple to you. Still, when you look at the details of this best back massager for sciatica, you see that it is equipped with the latest technology. The SL track feature combines the S-track and L-track features to adjust the massage rollers according to your spine.

You can be surprised by looking at the price for which Human Touch Sana is available. The features available in this massage chair with this price range make it practical and affordable.



The SL track is the latest tracking system you’ll find in any chair. It combines the curvature following the specification of the S track and the length covering the speciality of the L track. As a result, you get a chair whose rollers follow your spine curvature and extend from your neck and to your buttocks and thighs.

This feature is more important if you use it to relieve sciatic pain. The rollers can give you a customized massage according to your spine and cover the central region of trouble for sciatic pain proving itself to be the best back massager for sciatica.

Lumbar Heat

The lumber heat option is available in Human Touch Sana massage chair to relax your back muscles and stretch them. The heat will make them more open to massage, and the effects of the therapy will be retained for the long term.

Extended Foot and Calf Massage 

As you know, calf massage is essential if you have sciatica because this is the region most affected by this pain. Therefore, the Human Touch Sana can help you a lot in this regard with its adjustable calf massager, and you can get a personalized and effective massage. 

Under-foot rollers present in Human Touch Sana provide a high-quality massage to relieve pain from your foot and relax you.

Zero Gravity

As you’ll expect, Human Touch Sana massage chair offers a zero-gravity position to distribute your body stress evenly to a point where you’ll feel weightlessness. Moreover, the blood flow is also improved in this condition.

9 Auto-Wellness Programs

The Human Touch Sana offers 9 Auto-Wellness programs for different massage styles. These programs include Full-Body, Stretch, and Recovery to target various body pains.

According to your desire, you can choose them by using the intelligent remote control with ease.

Calming Acupressure using Air Cells

The air cells placed in Human Touch Sana use the acupressure points for a better energy flow through your body. Using this technique, this sciatic massager offers a healing experience to its users.

Other Highlights – Human Touch Sana Massage Chair

  • Extendable Footrest with a height range of 5’0” to 6’3”. So almost everyone can fit in.
  • Body Stretching mode works excellent.
  • Adjustable roller speed to suit yourself.
  • Bluetooth and USB port for hassle-free entertainment connection to your chair.
  • SL Track
  • Max Height Up to 6’3”
  • Zero GravityExtended Foot and Calf Massage
  • No Calf Heating

Treating Sciatica with Massage Chair

Treating Sciatica with Massage Chair

A massage chair can help you a lot if you are going through sciatic pain due to a problem in piriformis tissues because the rollers in the massage chairs can easily relax and stretch these muscles very effectively. It can also help you in conditions when some tightened muscle has pinched your sciatic nerve in your spine.

Moreover, a massage chair can give you a feel of relaxation, which can be helpful if you are going through a constant phase of pain due to sciatica. By treating sciatica with massage, the effects are long-term, and the massage can control the pain in either side of the leg.

Keep in mind that a massage chair can’t resolve much of the underlying issue for sciatica. Still, it can surely help you relieve the pain and relax you to think calmly about how to handle your situation. You may also like to check out list of Best Back Massager for Chair.

FAQs: Best Massage Chair for Sciatica

You can use a massage chair to massage the back for sciatica. The Massage rollers in the massage chairs can provide different types of massage according to your situation. Different auto programs available in the massage chairs make them more helpful and easy to use. 

Final Remarks

So far, you’ve learned all about the best massage chair for sciatica, and now you can make a well-informed decision about which massage chair you want. It can be any of the mentioned massage chairs depending upon your condition and choice.

Moreover, we’ve told you about the criteria to search for the best massage chair for sciatica and all the essential features you should look for. If used wisely and carefully under the proper guidance of an expert or your doctor, maybe you can completely get rid of the sciatic pain.

You can go for our top best massage chair for sciatica, Luraco i7 Plus, if budget is not an issue for you. Or you can purchase the Osaki Titan Summit Flex, packed with all the advanced features you are looking for in a massage chair to treat your sciatic pain.

You better know yourself to choose any of these stated massage chairs that will fit into your situation.