Are Percussion Massagers Safe?[6 Benefits & 5 Precuations]

Are Percussion Massagers Safe?

Heard something related to the safety of a percussion massager on the internet or somewhere else? And want to know about Are Percussion Massagers Safe? Well, you’re at the right place.

People have been looking into massagers and are keen to learn, “Are Percussion Massagers Safe”? The question is valid as everyone is concerned about a product’s side effects. Therefore, this article is the valid answer you want with details.

The safety of percussion massagers is directly related to their use. They can be harmful to your health if you don’t use them properly. Hence, if you are a person intending to use a percussion massager, you must know everything about it.

This article provides you with the researched facts and content, as we also care about you. Moreover, we have added more details about percussion massagers and where and how to use them. It will help you grasp the idea of massage guns easily.

Percussion massager help muscles reduce stress and tension and help your body shift to the parasympathetic state, and its harmful effect depends on the background knowledge of the product.

Are Percussion Massagers Safe?

Are Percussion Massagers Safe

First of all, YES, percussion massagers are safe. These massagers are something that you can wholly control. It means that it’s in your hands how percussion therapy affects you, whether in a positive way or a negative one. But overall, the data collected after using a percussion massager is positive.

Percussion massagers are also known as Thera guns. They help reduce stress and tension and improve sleep quality by downregulating the nervous system. Percussion therapy also improves the flexibility of the muscles and range of movement.

But besides all these benefits, percussion massage is also harmful in some ways. It can cause further damage to muscle sprains and injuries with its hammering motion. If you aim for deep tissue percussion massage, you should consult the doctor.

However, the harm caused by percussion therapy is much less and depends on the background knowledge you have about this product. Before using it, please go through the instruction manual and make sure you know the ups and downs.

Do Percussion Massage Guns Work?

Do Percussion Massage Guns Work

Percussion Massage guns are also known as a drill, which is used as a tool that helps with muscle soreness and mobility. It’s a most bought product as percussion therapy is very expensive if you get it done somewhere, but now you can do it yourself using a massage gun.

A massage gun is used depending on the needs of the user. You can use it as an athlete, a person willing to heal their illnesses, or just for chilling out randomly during a part of the day because its deep massage completely relaxes you after a rough day.

But the important thing to keep in mind is that if you want effective percussion massage, you must know how to use the massage gun properly. Any half-knowledge about it can harm you instead of doing good. Further in the article, we have discussed that as well.

Are Percussion Massagers Good for You?

Are Percussion Massagers Good for You

Yes, Percussion Therapy does work for us in a good way. After making sure about “are percussion massagers safe or not?”, the next step is to know if they are worth using. Percussion massagers are very popular these days for their benefits.

People out there use it according to their own needs. Some of them use it as a fitness tool, and some use it to heal different conditions. Let us see what good these percussion massagers can do to us.

Are Percussion Massagers Good for You

1- Blood Circulation Increases

Athletes prefer using percussion massage after their intense workout as it helps keep the body moving. Still, apart from it, percussion massage also improves the blood circulation in the body, which helps with muscle recovery.

2- Prevent DOMs

If you have recently started working out and are dealing with DOMs constantly, then a percussion massager is for you. Researchers have proved that percussion therapy after a workout heals muscle stiffness and increases the flexibility of your muscles.

3- Breaks Scar Tissue

Percussion massagers help in freeing adhesions and breaking down scarred tissue. Adhesions cause restrictions in movement, which gives pain and adds stress. Therefore, deep massage breaks collagen fibres which decreases pain and stress.

3- Heals Arthritis

We cannot say that having percussion massage daily will eliminate arthritis disease from your body, but it may help you heal it on the way with other treatments side by side. It improves your pain-free quality of life.

4- Improves Athletic Performance

Many sportsmen have added percussion therapy to their daily routine. Even it is used as a pre-competition warm-up activity. The distribution of oxygen and blood is increased in the body. It enhances the range of motion and recovery of muscles.

5- Improves Sleep Quality

Percussion massage is a deep tissue massage that highly affects the central nervous system of our body. It, in return, improves sleep quality. And you know that when you have a good and sound sleep, you wake up more energized and fresher.

6- Improves Lymphatic Flow

From the facts, we see that massage guns help you with knots and muscle tightness, which leads to better drainage in the lymphatic system. And a fine working lymphatic means a healthier immune system and metabolism. In this way, our body eliminates toxins and waste effectively.

For further you can visit our article discussing are massage guns good for you.

Percussion Massager Precautions: Where Not to Use?

There are some cases in which percussion massagers can cause you harm. If you are new to percussion therapy, we can help you avoid those harms. Here we have mentioned those areas where you should not apply percussion therapy.

1- Avoid Using Massager Over Bursa

Percussion massagers give a deep and targeted massage, which does not prove effective for bursa, especially if you have bursitis. Therefore, you should make sure that repetitive pounding is not near bursas.

2- Avoid Using Massagers Over Strains

Strains are basically “Pulled Muscles”. They are caused by sudden motion that tears down the muscle. As the percussion massage is quite deep and penetrating, it’s often advised not to massage strained muscles.

It will do more harm than good if you go for it. But if the vibration is kept low and a good slow-motion massage is given for some time, it can quicken the healing process.

3- Avoid Massager Over Sprains

A sprain is different from a muscle strain. A sprain is a torn ligament caused when the muscle is stretched beyond its normal range of motion. Percussion massage over a torn ligament can further damage it, especially if it’s a fresh injury.

4- Avoid Massager on Broken Bones

It would help if you did not treat broken bones with massage guns because they might break down your bone further. If you are sure that your bone is mended and stable, you must still avoid the massage gun penetration near that area.

5- Chronic Conditions

Percussion therapy is also not a good option when dealing with chronic illnesses such as Hypertension, Varicose Veins, Periphery Artery disease, Osteoporosis, and many more.

Discussing your condition with your doctor is recommended, and if he suggests some specific vibration mode for the massage gun, you can have percussion therapy on your own.

FAQs- Are Percussion Massagers Safe?

Percussion massage is very beneficial but only when you know when and where to use the massage gun. Massage guns are not magic. They can heal the process in some cases, but they can also result in further damage when used carelessly.

Therefore, it is suggested to avoid percussion massage on muscle strains and torn ligaments. It would be best if you avoided blood vessels and nerves too.

Yes, it can be, only when you overuse them or massage the suggested areas to be avoided. Percussion massage at areas like the kidneys, upper traps, and biceps tendon can be risky. Apart from that, massage guns are safe.

If you are dealing with an embolism condition, then you should avoid using a massage gun as it can cause blood clots in your body.


We hope that you have a clear view of massage guns and percussion therapy by the end of the article “Are Percussion Massagers Safe?”. We have provided you with researched data. Now it’s up to you if you want to go for it or not.

Doctors’ recommendations are also important before using a percussion massager if you think you have some of the injury or condition you are dealing with. Doctors will also be able to help you with the specific frequency or vibration mode you should set.