Are Massage Guns Safe?[Complete Guide]

Are Massage Guns Safe

Concerned about side effects or injury from a massage gun? Well, don’t be. Proper knowledge about “Are massage guns safe?” will eliminate all your fears and provide you with an effective health tool known today as the Massage Gun.

The world is progressing day by day, as is the innovation in massagers. People have been into massage guns lately, and they want to know, “Are massage guns safe or not?”.

Massage guns are not like normal massagers for heads and bodies that have been on the market recently. It’s a new product, and you have the right to question it. We did some surveys and examined some people using it to provide you with the best of your knowledge.

This article will give everything you need to know about massage guns, their use, safety, and what harm they could cause to you. After reading this write-up, you can decide to buy or start using it.

Massage guns are a relief-giving drill but can harm as well, and with benefits comes loss as well.

Are Massage Guns Safe?

Are Massage Guns Safe

Are massage guns safe? YES, they surely are. But it depends on how and where you are using them. Massage guns are a bit more targeting than other massagers. Therefore, you must be aware of how to use it.

Massage guns are drill-shaped and, at some point, called one too. They have a foam in front connecting the major part. It is wireless and has a rechargeable battery. The good part is that it is lightweight and handheld.

Massage guns are targeting; moreover, they are for treating DOMs more specifically. Therefore, if you use a massage gun with a more than required voltage, especially where there is already a wound, you can hurt yourself.

Are Massage Guns Healthy?

Are Massage Guns Healthy

Before, it was only trending and useful among athletes to open their knots and have percussive therapy after an intense workout. Still, now influencers and other people are also looking forward to it because of the benefits they are seeing.

Before we investigate how massage guns are healthy, we must see what benefit they can cause you after your muscles are tied up. For this, we must investigate some biological points of view on our bodies.

When the small bundles of muscle fibres in our body are stuck in a contracted site, that is what causes muscle knots. They are, in a sense, glued together as they don’t get the chemical that is supposed to relax them.

To get over this pain, massage therapy is done. A mechanical stimulus is enough to open the knots and bring them back to their extended position. A massage gun is a good mechanical stimulus that can help you recover.

Therefore, we can say that massage guns are healthy, and the following are some of the benefits we get from using massage guns.

Are Massage Guns Healthy

1- Increases Flexibility

A massage gun is a vibration therapy that relaxes the muscles and releases muscle tension. It reduces muscle cramps and increases muscle flexibility, which is very useful for athletes.

2- Breaks Down Lactic Acid

After some days of workout, you experience muscle stiffness because of lactic acid build-up in your bloodstream during exercises. To help yourself with this, you can use a massage gun to break down the lactic acid.

After breaking down, they are released to adjacent tissues, where they are eliminated from the system. That’s why many athletes prefer using it after their workout.

3- Improves Bone and Muscle Strength

Bones and muscle strength depend on the nerve cell interaction in our body, which is actin and myosin contractions. By using a massage gun (vibration therapy) and some exercises side by side, you can improve the contractions, resulting in improvement in the strength of bones and muscles.

massage gun weight lossMassage Gun Precautions: Where Not to Use a Massage Gun

Massage Gun Precautions Where Not to Use

Massage guns are trending these days, but we must provide every possible detail to you in the “Are massage guns safe?”.

Massage guns are a very useful product, but there are some things to know before using them. These are some of the points discussed when you should avoid using a massage gun.

1- Person with Broken Bones

If you are a person who has recently got a fracture and are in the recovery process, then you should not get percussion therapy, as it can reverse your recovery and cause your mended bone to break or fracture again.

2- Person with Inflammation Injuries

People who are injured, their bodies get inflamed. And active inflammation conditions include bursitis and tendonitis. Therefore, before getting vibration therapy (Massage gun’s second name), it is important to determine if you have any inflammation.

If there is such a condition, you are not recommended to use massage guns as it can worsen the situation.

3- Person Dealing with Muscle Strains

If you deal with pulled muscles or muscle strains, often caused by overuse of muscles, muscles are stretched past their normal range of motion. You are not recommended to use a massage gun, as it can further damage your muscles.

4- Person who undergoes Muscle Sprain

When a muscle or ligament is completely torn, this is known as a sprain. It is caused when a sudden movement from a stretched muscle and popping noises are heard when the injury occurs.

Experts don’t recommend using percussion therapy on those who have undergone muscle sprain as it can further damage their ligaments or muscles.

For more on massage guns and how they affect you in good are harmful ways you can visit our article about are massage guns good for you.

FAQs- Are Massage Guns Safe?

Overusing anything is not good, not even a massage gun that gives you comfort. It is recommended that you keep moving the massage gun in a circular motion from one part to another and not place it static for more than a couple of minutes.

If you do so, you will cause a lot of blood flow in that specific area, and then you risk bruising as your skin becomes sore and tender. Therefore, overusing a massage gun is not a good idea.

Doctors have a mixed perception over using massage guns. Some of them say that it is not something that you should be using daily to open your tied knots. On the other hand, some of them say that it is good to use when you are feeling discomfort.

Yes, massage guns are safe for seniors. Older people should get a light massage gun therapy daily to help them feel refreshed and stress-free. Also, seniors have body pains, which they can reduce with a massage gun. 

End Words

We hope you have come to an endnote about “Are Massage Guns safe or not?”. These are the products that are in control of you completely. It depends on you, how you use it, and how you let it affect you.

Know about How to use a massage gun and get the most out of them. Massage guns are handy because of their size, and whenever you use them, they will deeply relax you. But again, make sure you know massage gun precautions.