Are Massage Guns Good for You? [3 Benefits & 4 Side Effects]

Are Massage Guns Good for You

“Are massage guns good for you?” The question is on your mind since massage guns are very trendy these days, and some of you might be considering buying them for yourself or your loved ones. Clearly, yes, and we will tell you why.

A massage gun helps relax your stretched muscles, improves muscle length, and gives you a comfortable zone to enjoy yourself. 

In this article, you will learn about massage guns good for you. You’ll also learn how massage guns work and are massage guns good for your back. So, stay tuned and enjoy your read.

Are Massage Guns Good for You?

Are Massage Guns Good for You

Yes, massage guns are good for reducing muscle soreness and improving short-term muscle length. It works by applying pressure to specific body points to relax your muscles and relieve pain. 

Let us explain it. Skin is the first layer of tissues protecting your internal structure, and it is the first layer to respond to the application with any massage gun or technique. This skin layer covers all the nerves and muscles.

The protective layers of collagen and elastin fibers cover the nerve endings and blood vessels. In this way, your skin is challenging and can resist the high-frequency vibration of a massage gun. Although it varies with age, massage guns are ultimately good for you.

Moreover, if you are aged, your skin is not as tight and protective as it used to be in your young days. So, you can use a low-frequency vibration massage gun to stretch your muscles.

The massage gun is good for relaxing your sore and stiff muscles and assists you in improving the short-term muscle length and repairing nerves.

Massage Gun Benefits

Massage Gun Benefits

1- Improved Blood Circulation

Massage Gun Benefits

A 10-minute massage regularly with a massage gun can improve your cardiovascular health by increasing blood circulation throughout the body, lessening the workload of circulation on the heart, and keeping you strong and healthy. 

We know that blood performs many functions, but the essential role is to circulate oxygen around the body. When blood flows in our body better, we properly inhale oxygen suitable for our heart function and healthy life.   

Massage guns boost your blood circulation, which helps with healing and keeps your muscles and tissues healthy. That’s especially important if you have health problems that add to poor circulation or nerve damage, like diabetes.

2- Reduced Muscles Pain

Massage Gun Benefits - Reduced Muscles Pain

Endorphins are chemicals produced naturally by the nervous system to survive pain or stress. When endorphins are present in excess amount in your body, you feel tired, and your muscles are stressed. So, endorphins should not exceed the limit; otherwise, we will have adverse effects.

Massage guns help out to release muscles pain in your body. By using a massage gun, our body increases the release of endorphins (natural pain killers) which can promote the feeling of relaxation in the body and slow down your breathing.   

3- Repairing Nerves

Repairing Nerves

When your nerves are damaged, they cause a severe type of pain. Damaged nerves harm muscles function. Massage guns work to generate the nerve for doing their actual sensory part.  

Moreover, it can positively affect our blood vessels at the spot area of our body. Muscles surrounding the blood vessels are relaxed, and blood vessels enlarge in diameter. Massage guns allow for an increased rate of blood flow.

Can massage guns be harmful?

Can massage guns be harmful?

You want to be extra careful by using a massage gun to avoid primary arthritis, nerves, lymphatic vessels, and internal organ. When your nerves tell the brain to stop, that means stop. We believe slow, measured, and self-induced pressure is more beneficial for the muscular system. 

Massage Gun Side Effects

How To Use a Massage Gun for Knots Step 1: Warm Up the Area Which has Knot

As we know, there are always two sides to the picture. It is also the case with massage guns. Massage guns can do more harm than good if used carelessly and incorrectly.

Here, we’ve highlighted some precautions for the massage gun if they are not used properly.

1- Rupturing Blood Vessels

Your blood vessels can burst by using a massage gun on soft veins or parts of your body. It can cause blood leakage into the muscle’s tissues.

2- Stretched Collagen and Elastin Fiber

Continuous use of percussion massage gun gives rapid blows to your skin. It can lead to saggy skin, which keeps stretched for more time. Therefore, you should not use a massage gun for more than 2 minutes on a single point.

3- Increase Nerve Sensitivity

By using a massage gun under pressure and rapid blows, the nerves send an unwanted signal to your brain. The effect of an unwanted signal can increase heart rate and high blood pressure.

4- Damaged Muscles Fiber

When you can use a massage gun without proper precautions, it can damage the actin and myosin proteins over time. Resulting in muscular contraction and less strength.

Slow, measured, and self-induced pressure is more beneficial for your muscular system while using the massage gun; otherwise massage gun can do more harm than good if used carelessly and incorrectly.

Are Massage Guns Good for Your Back?

Are massage guns good for your back?

We work from day to night and carry a terrific tension in the back or leg area of the body and feel unbearable pain. Massage guns will release our pain and negative pressure, helping us relax.

First, before using a massage gun, sit down and massage the affected area of your back with your hand slowly; otherwise, you feel pain. The spot shows red, and you find out the muscle soreness easily. Muscle soreness can be formed when your muscles extend or pull out. 

Incorrect sitting position, tirelessly and mental anxiety can result in muscle pull or soreness. Massage guns may help release tension swelling and elevate circulation to the damaged area, allowing you to remove the muscle sore.  

It lets you target sore spots, loosen tight muscles, and relieve pain. Massage guns are targeted to reduce specific areas, like the shoulders or lower back. You may also like to check our article about best massage guns for lower back pain for quick relief.

Do Massage Guns Actually Work?

Do Massage Guns Actually Work?

Massage guns are prevalent these days since they are very effective, easy to use and work to relax our muscles. The good thing about massage guns is that we do not have to leave the house to enjoy a relaxing massage.

Massage guns are handy and efficient tools for muscle soreness. Massage guns work a lot to make you feel relaxed. A massage gun is a tool that is considered beneficial to ease down muscle soreness or knots.

Massage guns help increase our blood flow to specific areas of muscles where knots are present. In doing so, your muscles tension and inflammation decrease and help out to break the knots or soreness.  

Massage guns directly target muscles by rapidly applying pressure to muscle tissues. We can use different speeds now on any score area, and we note immediate improvement in our range of motion and reduction in muscle tension. 

Moreover, massage guns are also an easy way to help loosen up your muscles ahead of a big training day or run and an even better way to get rid of muscles soreness related to neck or back pain.

FAQs: Are Massage Guns Good for You?

Massage gun is a helpful invention for massage lovers. It is viral these days. Massage guns are efficient and easy to use. It is not just a good massager but also gives growth to your muscles. 

If you like having a massage two to three times a week to a massage center and getting tired of going again and again, then massage gun invention is for you. You can use a massage gun while watching and resting. 

Enjoy your massage at home without tension. A massage gun is a handheld massager; you do not need another couple. You can apply massage guns your selves. It works to relax and de-contract our muscles, improve skin elasticity, help to reduce anxiety and support our digestive system. 

Massage guns help you to feel better both physically and emotionally. It allows you to sleep better, improve your blood circulation, and also helps out to relieve your tension. Using a massage gun makes your muscles smooth, and you are in less physical pain. You are going to feel better psychologically as well.

Final remarks

Now, you know the answer for are massage guns good for you. Massage guns can be a very beneficial tool for your health if you know how to use massage gun yourself. Your muscle health, as well as overall health, requires such initiatives by you. 

Keep in your mind don’t press a massage gun at one point during the massage; otherwise, your muscles break, and you feel more pain rather than relaxation. Follow proper precautions, and you’re good to go.