Are Head Massagers Good for You? [5 Benefits]

Are Head Massagers Good for You

Head Massagers are the most bought product these days, but you might still wonder, “Are head massagers good for you?”. So, if you are a person having this question, you will get the answer right here.

People are looking for head massagers that can serve them in the best of ways, and there might be a reason for this. We have done the research and come up with all the facts anyone would want to know.

Benefits of head massagers, different types of them available in the market, what’s the most that you can get from a good head massager are some things that you will come to know after reading the article.

Are Head Massagers Good for You?

Are Head Massagers Good for You?

Are head massagers good for you or not is a valid question before buying or using one. The one-word answer is YES but keep in mind that nothing is ideal. Head Massagers also, though a very demanding product, have some common side effects.

The speciality of this product is that the advantages and disadvantages depend on how you use it. Therefore, the point is that you must know how to use a head massager to avoid those side effects.

Apart from this, a Head Massager is a thing that would only give you relief and leave you stress-free if used properly. In this way, we can propose that head massagers are good for you, and you can go for it.

So, for the question, “Are head massagers good for you?” we can say that? YES, they are good. But let us discuss all the benefits and the side effects in detail.

Tiens Head Massager Benefits

Tiens Head Massager Benefits

Tiens head massager is a multifunctional massager because it is not specifically built for head massage but the massage of the heart, wrist, and other selective parts of the body. It is one of the most useful products you can have at your home.

This head massager is very handy and portable, and you can carry it with you. The Tiens head massager is shaped like a comb with 4-5 nodes and bristles. They do all the work when set on specific modes.

Massaging it on your head will relieve nervous stress and tiredness. Tien’s head massager promotes mental retention and clears mental blockages as well. Using it on your knee joints or back can also help you alleviate arthritis and backaches, respectively.

It is named the multifunctional head massager because wherever you use it, it will benefit you according to that specific part of your body, such as fighting heart diseases, clearing pancreas inflammation, etc. It’s hard to believe such wide benefits, but it’s that useful product.

Bokomo Head Massager Benefits

Bokomo Head Massager Benefits

Bokomo Head Massager lies in the category of manual head massagers. This massager was designed in Australia with the thought to provide people with relaxation with long legs and snag-free acrylic beads at the end of it that help avoid scratches.

There is a handle at the top to use it, and you must raise and lower it on the head for some time. It will give you a very efficient massage without much effort and leave you relieved and relaxed.

You can have your massage from Bokomo head massagers on the go as they are very easy to carry. They are affordable, so that most people can buy them. They are shaped like a spider that bends in and out on your head and stimulates sensitive nerves.

Bokomo head massager massages the acupoints on your scalp and sweeps away all the stress. It gives a euphoric tingling and deep relaxation to your body. This head massager fully touches your scalp and stimulates blood circulation in the head to avoid alopecia.

Head Massager Benefits

Head Massager Benefits

Head massager has got plenty of benefits. People use it daily to provide themselves with some “me” time after a stressful day.

1- Improves Blood Circulation

A soothing head massage relieves your stress and makes you feel relaxed. A 15–20-minute head massage using either a manual or electric massager will decrease your diastolic blood pressure, especially in females. It promotes blood circulation and has a positive effect on neck muscles.

2- Reduces Chronic Headaches and Migraines

If you encounter headaches due to stress or any other reason, a head massage is a right remedy. A light and gentle head massage will help reduce chronic headaches and migraines. The right frequency massage will also balance your nervous system.

3- Helps Loosen Dead Skin Cells

A great exfoliating head massage can help you lose dead skin cells on or around your hair follicles. For this, you will have to do it many times a week. The plus point is that this exfoliating massage will reduce dandruff as well.

4- Improves Sleep Quality

If you make head massage a part of your night routine, you will start sleeping better. Massaging your head will relieve your stress by reducing cortisol levels in your body. It will improve your sleep as you will be tense-free.

5- Reduces Scalp Tension

Scalp tension can happen to you after you touch your scalp. If that is the case with you, then a 5–10-minute circular motion massage can do you a lot. It will relax all your muscles which adds another point to buying it.

Head Massager for Migraines

Head Massager for Migraines

Head Massagers for migraines can be a great help to relax your mind and give you pain relief. Headaches and migraines are caused by many reasons, such as compression all day and tensed activity. 

But head massagers are now a solution to these health issues. Pain suppressants often treat migraines, but that’s not the only way to treat them.

If you suffer from migraine and get a good head massage for a month, 3-4 times every week, your migraine pains will reduce, and you will experience it yourself. The science behind this remedy or therapy, you can say, is of pressure points.

By using a head massager of any choice, you target the acupressure points on your head, resulting in relief and deeply relaxing your mind. And if the massage cycle continues for some time, blood circulation and mental retention will start becoming good.

FAQs- Are Head Massagers Good for You?

Yes, a head massager is a good remedy for severe headaches. The massager targets the pressure points on your scalp, then deeply relaxes you and soothes the blood flow in the nerves. 

If you continue massaging your head every time you suffer a headache, you will see that the intensity reduces daily, and your body feels relieved.

Head Massager is a good product to have at home that you can use any time of the day for fun or if you want to treat headaches and migraines, but still, if you use it more vigorously, it can cause the breaking of hair.

Final Words

By the end of the article, we hope you are now clear about “Are head massagers good for you or not?”. It was all about different types of massages and their benefits. The main purpose of head massage is one’s well-being, and head massagers fulfil this purpose.

They are very hard to beat in the relaxation a person gets from a head massage. You know that “A healthy mind makes a healthy body”. The more you keep your mind relieved, the better you will perform.

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