Are Electric Massagers Safe? [Complete Guide]

Are Electric Massagers Safe

Having an electric massager and using it at home can prove a blessing in disguise. But the most important thing that appears in mind is, Are electric massagers safe?

As a thumb rule, keep in mind that all the massagers discussed in this article are safe. They are designed to provide you with comfort in different body conditions. But if you use them without proper care, they can be dangerous. Therefore, we’ve given different precautions for using them.

In this article, you will have thorough knowledge about are electric massagers safe? The most important thing that you should know before going to use it. Moreover, it will clear your doubts about different electric massager’s advantages and disadvantages?

Electric massagers are very convenient for soothing muscle aches and pain; otherwise, they can do more harm than good if used carelessly and improperly.

Are electric massagers safe?

Are electric massagers safe?

Electric massagers are very convenient to soothe your muscle aches and pain. These massagers are easy to use because of the adjustable settings. You can set their intensity and pressure according to your personal needs and body type.

Although these massagers are there to deal with our complications and make us feel better, some things are present to consider because their misuse can lead to worse conditions.

Manuals are always available with every type of massagers that can help you with certain things, but they are not enough about all hazards that can come with it.

Electric massagers are safe if you use them properly. To experience a better outcome, use it wisely. Adjust settings and pressure that suit you. They are very beneficial if used with proper precautions. 

Electric Massagers Precautions

Electric Massagers Precautions

Some adverse effects of the electrical massagers have also been seen. Following are some damages that can result from the inappropriate use of the massager:


The use of electrical massagers around the neck and throat area can prove damaging. The most serious and damaging issue result from the use of these massagers. The use around the neck, throat, and even jaw cause carotid artery dissection.

The interference and irritation that disturb the functioning of the carotid artery will ultimately lead to serious ischemic stroke in many people.

Sudden shock:

Electrical massagers are sealed with the batteries and cords inside the plastic and rubber coverings. But there can be any naked wire from the damaged cords. The electrical devices always have metal wires that can cause sudden shock, especially if you are wet. Avoid using the electrical massager in a bathroom or with a wet body and hands.

Worse outcomes:

All the pains are not resulting from muscle strains or aches, and we think a massage will lead us towards the cure. So, it will be dangerous to rub those parts of the body, especially in electrical vibration. 

Some pains result from blood clots, broken bones, and internal gashing, and if you are going to have a massage, it will worsen it. Therefore, try to be sure about the cause of the pain, whether muscle tightness or not, before having a massage for relief.

Now, when you come to know about the pros and cons of electric massagers, you can better understand that, are electrical massagers safe? 

Are electric massagers safe during pregnancy?

Are electric massagers safe during pregnancy

Back pain is inevitable during pregnancy. You cannot find any escape from it, and having a massage is a good option, but with certain precautions. As we know, everything has positive as well as negative sides. So, you have to be careful while using the electrical massager.

The electrical massagers will benefit you if you use them with complete planning and thought. Avoid its use on certain areas of your body. Always consult your doctor before having a massage by yourself. 

Precautions for Electric Massagers During Pregnancy

Precautions for Electric Massagers During Pregnancy

Some negative effects related to the electrical massagers are discussed here to help you learn are electrical massagers safe during pregnancy?

First Trimester:

The first trimester which means the first 3 months of the pregnancy, is considered the crucial time of the pregnancy. Because during this period, there remains a high risk of miscarriage. So, every kind of massage is prohibited during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Many professionals completely avoid taking any massage therapy during this time. Because the massage will increase the blood flow, that can prove harmful for the fetus. Now, the recommendations have changed you can take a massage during the first trimester but from a licensed professional.

Therefore, if you still need a massage during this period, consult a professional expert in prenatal massage.

Moreover, consider that some trigger points can cause contractions or early labor. Primarily these trigger points are in the wrist and ankle area. But research finds that they are behind the knees also.

Pregnancy Induced Hypertension(PIH)

PIH is, also known as gestational hypertension, occurs during the second half ( after 20 weeks) of the pregnancy. It is a red flag diagnosis related to the patient’s history and medical condition. 

This condition further leads to preeclampsia in the mother that can be toxic. As we know, a massage alters the blood flow that, increases the blood pressure becomes dangerous for both mother and fetus. In this condition, speak to your doctor. 

Blood clots

During the pregnancy, the blood volume increases in the body. Due to this high blood volume, the blood flow in the lower area, like legs, becomes lethargic. As a result, our bodies start producing high levels of coagulants.

So, your massage therapy can prove a reason for blood clots in calves and thighs, and it can prove a life-threatening event.

Avoid these areas

Some areas are better to avoid during the massage due to the sensitive nature of the pregnancy. The areas include :

  • Thighs 
  • Abdomen
  • Lower legs
  • Lower back

There is no proven evidence that electric massagers are completely unsafe for pregnant women. They can relieve your pains and strains but try to use them wisely. For heat options, always take it with lower heat and pressure settings. It will be far better to take a massage from a therapist during your pregnancy.

It would be best if you stick with the low heat and pressure settings and avoid the thighs, Abdomen, Lower legs, and back due to the sensitive nature of pregnancy.

Are Electronic Pulse Massagers Safe?

Are Electronic Pulse Massagers Safe

Electronic pulse massagers are great to deal with certain issues related to pain, muscle soreness, and knots. Everything has negative effects, too, depending upon its use. For some people, and under certain conditions, they can cause damage.

Precautions for Electronic Pulse Massager

Do we highlight some points for you people to decide are electronic pulse massagers safe?

Prickling Sensation

Electronic pulse massagers can become a cause of this sensation. The electrical impulses that emerge from a TENS unit prove a reason to feel buzzing, tingling, and prickling sensation. You will feel uncomfortable due to these sensations.


You can experience an allergic reaction from the adhesive electrodes of the electronic pulse massager. If you see any redness or irritation, then stop using those electrodes. And switch to the hypoallergenic ones instantly.    


The electronic pulse massagers use electrical impulses. Electricity enters our body although with low voltage. So, those who have any implants in their bodies should avoid using this massager. They should consult their physicians before using the massager. 

Neck and Eyes

It is indispensable to avoid placing the massager on the front of both the neck and the eyes. Because putting the electrodes on the neck will lower your blood pressure and cause spasms. Additionally, using the massager on the front of the eyes will damage them by high pressure. 


It is recommended not to use the electronic pulse massager during the early stages of the pregnancy. However, these massagers are used to relieve labor pains. 

Any Medical History

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, then never use this massager. These conditions may include epilepsy or heart problems. Always consult your doctor in such circumstances. 

Are electric foot massagers good for you?

Are electric foot massagers good for you

Yes, electrical foot massagers are safe to use. After a long hectic day and extensive routines, a foot massage will make you relaxed. Electric foot massagers have many benefits for your health and foot. 

Electric foot massagers are involved in relieving pain and aches. These massagers promote better sleep, relieve stress, and reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. Moreover, they improve blood circulation in the body. Electronic massagers help alleviate the periods and menopause pains in women.

Precautions for Electric Foot Massagers

However, electrical massagers are not recommended to certain people under certain conditions. 

  • Pregnant women because the stimulation of certain nerves in the foot can cause preterm labor, which is harmful.
  • Older people who have high blood pressure problems or heart issues. 
  • The children 
  • Avoid any massage if you have any medical complications to your feet or serious injury. 
  • Furthermore, if you are treating yourself for any illness, avoid the electrical massager in this case too. 

These are certain conditions in which you should avoid using electrical foot massagers. Now, you are also clear about are electrical massagers good for you?

Are Electric Neck Massagers Good For You?

Are Electric Neck Massagers Good For You

The neck massagers in terms of use are safe. They are safe and convenient to use at home without going outside. It also depends upon the purpose and technique of its use. But it also has certain drawbacks that can be harmful to you.

Precautions for Electric Neck Massagers

The following points will help you to know are electric neck massagers good for you?


For certain injuries, the use of a massager is not recommended. There are few muscular conditions in which its uses will prove hazardous. These conditions may include broken bone, inflammation, and skin irritation.


It is another serious problem related to the use of the neck massager. Your massager can catch fire due to overheating. It can harm you. Moreover, if it works on the rechargeable battery, it still can explode due to overheating. 

Overuse_Muscle strain

We all know that the overuse of everything is not good. If you use the neck massager excessively without any purpose will prove hazardous. It will exert extra pressure on your neck and will cause muscular tension. Our neck is very sensitive and has sensitive tissues, so always be cautious about its use.

All these points have provided you with complete knowledge about are electric massagers safe? It all depends on its use, so use it wisely to reap the fruit? 

Are Electric Back Massagers Good For You?

Are Electric Back Massagers Good For You

Yes, the electric back massagers are wonderful but pay attention to their use and time limit. It is important to learn are electric back massagers good for you?  

Electric massagers are designed to treat your aches and pains. They relieved sore and stiff muscles in your back area. 

Precautions for Electric Back Massagers

Like all other things, this electric back massager also has its downsides.

  • If you have any broken part, clot, or cut, it will worsen the condition because these kinds of massagers are made for the aches of the muscular type, not a physical one.
  • Additionally, if you are using the massager aggressively on your shoulders and back area, it can cause a stroke. Aggressive use of the back massager leads to carotid artery dissection. So, always consult the professional before having a massage.
  • The electric back massager with wet hands or bodies can prove dangerous. Therefore, keep an eye on the wires and cords to check that they are in their proper coverings.

You may also like to check do back massagers work.

FAQ:  Are Electric Massagers Safe?

Electric massagers are very useful in this era of our hectic daily routines. They are available to alleviate your pain, aches, and knots. But under certain conditions, they can prove dangerous. You can suffer from strokes, sudden shocks, etc.


Electric massagers are made for us and how to gain benefits from them is on us. The way you use it and the purpose matter a lot to define are electric massagers safe or not. 

Always try to confirm that your issue is actually for massage or any other physical problem. Otherwise, you have to face some serious and dangerous outcomes. 

Moreover, consult your expert or physician before having a massage to avoid any serious injuries and complications in your future life.